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  • As a boilerplate it’s already great. Don’t touch it. It doesn’t need to become a framework, it’s the alternative to a framework.
    I’m one of the people who do what you wanted in the first place and edit all the code by hand inside the theme, not in a child theme. As far as I understand it that’s the idea, and It’s a good one. I learned everything I know about building themes from ripping BlankSlate to bits and writing custom CSS for it.

    I now have a standard theme framework based on BlankSlate with the addition of a slightly modded style.css file that has a few standard bits in. A nice easy to mod button, some basic form styling and a couple of other bits I would forget to style if they weren’t there. That’s enough for me. If I want jQuery I’ll add it myself, same with Google fonts (et al).

    I use BlankSlate to get away from framework bloat. If you want to improve it keep it simple. Streamline code by all means if it makes it better but please don’t mess around too much.

    I’ll keep using it for all my jobs anyway.

    All the best.

    Theme Author TidyThemes


    You’re using it exactly how we envisioned. Thank you for your words.

    Don’t worry, we already have a framework:

    BlankSlate will always remain a true boilerplate. We’re perfectionists and want to refine the code. More so than anything we’re reaching out to see if there’s anything we’ve missed code wise.


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    3.0 is now active.

    This version has been greatly improved, simplifying/unifying the theme code and removing deprecated code.

    The theme is also now completely translation-ready.


    This is my first post ever. I just downloaded and installed BlankSlate. When I went into the editor and saw all the files laid out for me in the sidebar, I sighed. Perfect. Just perfect.

    This is the way it should be done. I get it, and THANK YOU. I am now ditching Genesis and the child theme I was using. Getting them to behave the way I wanted was harder than starting from scratch.

    Do you accept donations? Seriously.


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    Settle for a 5-star rating :). But, really your words are enough. This helps motivate, let’s us know that our efforts are not in vein.

    Thank you very much for the praise.

    5 stars it is.

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    Thanks everyone,

    Looks like BlankSlate has carved out a useful little niche.

    Quick question…. I know Blankslate 3.0 is HTML5 compliant. How does it integrate with CSS3?


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    and thus, I am in love. Thanks guys. I’ve been using WordPress for over a year, and Blankslate for around 3 months or more. I love the way it works. Keep up the awesome work!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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