• Hey folks, I’ll be honnest with you.
    If you own a restaurant, if you want to automatically print customer order and work with woocommerce, this is THE best plugin you need.

    And this is a restaurant owner talking to you, restaurants owners.

    Pro :
    – Perfectely compatible with thermal printer out of the box.
    I won’t lie, I tried another plugin which work with PrintNode. The other plugin work well and is a little bit cheaper BUT you’ll need a third party plugin to generate the invoice and packing slip… Problem : the other plugin are primarily intended for A4 paper, it’s a pain in the a$$ to customize their template.
    With Print Manager, the template is NATIVELY intended for thermal printer.
    – Easy to customize template : Their template is by far one of the most intuitive one to customize. In fact, even stock template is already good.
    – Integrated with their TAKE OUT & DELIVERY ADD-ON. Let me explain, these guys nailed it. I almost thought they were also restaurant owner when I saw the feature.
    Basically, they have a plugin that will manage the take away and delivery slot and that will also give you a minimum preparation time. Basically managing the whole workflow. O.k, it’ s a bit pricey (99buck per year ) but this plugin alone replace you a whole squad of phone standardist and still do a better job.
    – Several location avaible. Basically you can print one packing slip for your cook, another for your order preparating guy, one with delivery adress to your courrier. Directely at their place. Yeah. The cook got the order right from the printer near him.
    – The base plugin is free even if you have to pay for a monthly plan (right now it’s free because beta. )
    – Awesome customer support! They really do answer fast. Sometimes even on a sunday, even on Christmas.

    Basically, they offer you a solution to take your restaurant to another level.

    “Sound awesome. Why only 4 stars? ”

    There’s a few con.
    – More expensive than their competitor. 10$ for 2500 print job. Sound a lot but when you start printing 1 invoice and 3 packing slip, it’s barely enough for 400 orders. Their second plan is much more expensive, 25$ for 15 000 print job. There’s no in between 🙁
    As a comparison Printnode offer 5000 printjob at 9$ per month and 25 000 print job at 29$ per month. Plus, PrintNode offer evolutive pricing. They charge you per use once you go beyond your treeshold.

    So if you go for their plan and you have a middle sized restaurant, you’ll very likely need their second tier paid plan, which mean 300$ per year.

    With their competitor’s solution, given you pay for a custom thermal print template, it will cost you 180$/year + template customisation price (since they don’t natively support thermal printer ).

    – Performance. When you set no print job, once the customer clic on “Order “, the order is almost immediately accepted. As for this plugin, your server will generate the print job THEN validate the order. And with 4 printjob, it take up to 30 sec of loading for an order to get passed.

    As a conclusion :
    Should I recommend their plugin? Hell yes.

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  • Plugin Author bizswoop


    Wow! Thank for for such a detailed review. This is amazing. We love how you provided a great pros and cons list and the review was very fair for all other community members to evaluate our solution.

    We would like to comment on a few of the cons. 🙂

    – Pricing plans: Good news. Other users have shared similar feedback about plans and pricing. As a result, once plans are available, we will be making adjustments to increase the number of print jobs under each plan. Plus include the ‘pay as you print’ once the plan threshold has been reached. Our goal is to make the plans affordable and competitive, we will continue to listen to the feedback and needs of the users to try our best to provide a plan that meets everyone’s needs.

    – Performance: Thanks for sharing this feedback. We are working hard to increase the performance, especially when multiple locations are enabled for each order placement. In the coming weeks, you should see a bump in the performance. In addition, we are planning to support a background printing feature to the plugin. Allowing the order to be placed, prior to sending the print calls to the locations. This should significantly improve the performance for the order placement. This will be coming in our roadmap this quarter.

    Again, thank you for the great review. And we are working hard to make the service better and better each day.

    Thread Starter genphiz


    Once you did it, I will update my review =)

    But let’s say if I can get all the job done for 15$ per month, you’ll basically kill your competitor. The plugin that connect woocommerce with PrintNode cost 80$ per year alone while you provide it for free.

    Performance is one of the key issue so far. Why? Because it need 30/40 sec to load, some of my customer see the webpage crash and order again because they fear the fact the website didn’t discounted it, resulting in a double order on my side.

    Plus, it’s worth noting I’m NOT using an el cheapos hosting. I have the equivalent of a managed dedicated server.

    If I have one point to say : Please, no matter what you do, don’t update the template. Going for a custom template cost an arm and a leg.

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