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    Hi, I built a photo gallery using the myGallery plugin. I created a page in WP that show the gallery overview. Then I created some additional pages that contain the actual gallery. These gallery pages all have the “photo gallery” page as a parent page.

    Now, if oyu take a look at the main page you will see the links to the photo gallery at the right sidebar. (This should appear at the top of the page. However, I had a few people reporting that the sidebar appears at the bottom of the page when they use IE 6. That is another issue. I will open a separate thread for this if I have collected some more technical data from some more visitors using different browser. If you have an idea, please post).

    So you will see at the right sidebar:

    – Photo Gallery
    – – Barcelona
    – – eBay xmas party
    – – Say Goodbye
    – – World Cup 2006

    But I actually only want to show the parent page. Not the “child pages”. So I set them to private pages, but then the word “private” will appear next to the title of the page if you open the page.

    QUESTION: How can I only show parent pages without setting the child pages to private?

    Thanks, Gijs

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  • Wow, this is exactly what I wanted to know as well,
    As it stands it makes the side bar menu links very untidy and bulky when it shows “child” pages, surely it would be better if the child pages only show upon hovering over the parent etc.

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