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  • What is the best to allow someone to work within admin section.

    I need some tasks done on existing posts and it is a bit tedious at times so was thinking of hiring someone, but is there a plugin, or any sort of way so you decide what they can and cant do when in.

    Or does this work solely on you let someone in admin and just hope to trust them. Obviously I would be paying the person, but just wanted to be safe also.

    They would need access to admin only, no reason or need to be playing with any site files. It would be pure administrative work from admin.

    Any suggestion/feedback would be great.

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  • Hi shaunybhoy,

    Based on your needs, am I correct to assume that you’d like to allow someone to be able to edit existing posts and pages? If not, can you clarify what other tasks will be done?

    Have a look at the Codex article Roles and Capabilities to see the differences between available WordPress Roles.

    Hi Mar

    Yes simply someone with privilidges to work inside a post, i.e. add text, insert picture, submit. Nothing more than that.

    Will check out the link you sent,

    Thanks again, Shaun.

    The only thing don’t seem to understand is when I created a Test account for myself as an editor and logged in. This person would be able to do a whole bunch of things, i.e. delete posts etc.

    How do you get around things like this.

    Thanks, Shaun.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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