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  • hi all. I have a two column layout and alot of links there. while refreshing my site i saw that the posts kinda take 1-2 extra seconds to be shown and in the text-only version of my blog (like searchengines viewing my page),i saw the whole sidebar is first to be shown and my content i want to be found comes all the way down at bottom (and is most likely not indexed by searchengines)

    how can i fix that? i have a rather complicated css and i know about the headaches you can get if you play around with float: left and float: right etc. with Internet Explorer.

    Basicly i would need to take the get_sidebar() thing to the bottom, but i guess that would destroy the theme.. (maybe not.. dunno.. you?)

    any suggestions?
    thanks in advance.

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  • Ah, this is actually much simpler than you think. I hope you have some experience with HTML.

    Open your index.php template file in your WordPress Theme in a Text Editor (not word processor). Go down the list and you should see the get_sidebar thing, as you call it. Copy that whole section which should look something like this:

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    and move it to the bottom section of your WordPress Loop. For an example of where it goes, you can also look at Site Architecture 1.5.

    Normally the get_sidebar “thing” is below the post Loop area. For whatever reason, the Theme author put it above. You can move it without hurting your Theme.

    Now, you mess with anything else and we’ll see you back here soon. So don’t. 😉

    And backup before doing this.

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