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  • Hey guys, I have just pretty much finished up on my Blog site and would like some input on how it looks and what I could do if anything to improve it.. If you would like to vote there is a poll on the sidebar, let me know what you guys think! ALL criticism and advice is welcome!
    Here is the link:
    (until I build a new home page this just redirects users..)
    (direct link to my blog)

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  • I’m afraid that all that brown and the absence of images make your blog, to my eyes at least, look rather dull.

    Alright that’s good to know, I have always loved the simplistic look of things like how it is now.. Perhaps instead of thinking of what I like I should think of my visitors.. I will look into some things to do to make it better.. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

    I agree with Haecceity.

    I found the look very dull. possible the color is the problem. I don’t think simplistic = dull, but brown does, LOL

    The lack of images also didn’t help. I would add some images and color myself.

    Very good to know.. I will see about fixing it up so it will look a bit more appeasing.. Ok well how about this.. let me know what you would think if I used this theme.. it is still the nice neutral colors I am looking for with the simplistic feel but at least there is an image at the top lol..

    That’s better, but you still need a contrast color somewhere. Try a medium blue in the link hovers or headers, or both.

    Ok I will make an edit to the style sheet in a copy of the theme and post a link when I have the time to do it lol..

    I’d suggest doing searches for “minimalist” themes in the theme directory. Some of them as simple but stunning/

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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