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  • After more than 4 years of using the same layout, the old layout (version 2.0) has been finally replaced with this newer (version 3.0) layout. I think some of you may find this layout a little dull as compared to the previous layout because of the colors used. I am trying to come out with a variety of color schemes if possible because of the colors are controlled by CSS, the only limitation is choose the color. Do note that I am not a designer but a programmer. Most programmers are poor designers and most designers are poor programmers.


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  • Generally i cannot find anything annoying in your style except for small details like the “digg” image which is curved but it also has a white background. I d love it transparent. Post area is wide enough and could “lend” just 20 pixels to the narrow sidebar but this is a matter of “taste”.

    I would say that it is a nice clean design based on a modern and flexible theme. Navigation is unique and my tired eyes can now enjoy reading your articles.


    I agree with deuced. And I’m no stranger to the old site, being an enthusiastic user of several of your WP Plugins. I will say that it did take some digging to find the plugins link on this site. But the site is very elegant looking and quite easy on the eyes.

    @deuced: Thanks for the feedback. I see what I can do about the digg image. The post area is wide to accommodate some of the images in the gallery as well as the portfolio =D

    @jonimueller: I get what you mean, perhaps I could create a shortcut to my WordPress plugins. I will see how it goes along. Thanks for the feedback =D

    All i can say, v3.0 -> excellent. Nice and clean, friendly navigation.
    Worth the bookmark a lot time ago 🙂

    Thanks NeuroPR =)

    It looks like a well planned site good job gamerz

    @mach2racer: Took me a year of planning and testing lol. Thanks for the compliments =D

    I hear you. It only took me a month to modify the look I have from a theme I found. I would like to create my own theme some day and create some more for the hell of it. But that is great that your is so sleek. You should be proud of

    LOL, I am not that good in designing. I am just glad my months of testing the site and testing the migration plans paid off.

    @jonimueller: I have added a new menu box called “Quick Links” so enable user to find my plugins page easier. Do check it out.

    Got to say I do love this new site! 🙂 I did find the old one a little tough to navigate, though I did use to visit quite a bit at one point, but this one is just so uber shiny!

    I’m glad you did add the ‘quick links’ to your sidebar – it makes life a lot easier 🙂 Kudos to Jonimueller for the suggestion!

    p/s: I just noticed

    Upgraded site from WordPress 1.5.1 to WordPress 2.5.1

    . Like, omg?!

    @mosey: Because of that I tested many times on the upgrade to ensure nothing goes wrong. lol

    Time for a logo design competition on your site, Lester. 🙂

    Perhaps a way for all these designers to say “thanks for the plugins” 🙂

    @ivovic: Good idea, my gf suppose to design it for me. But I am a little picky when it comes to choosing logo or design, I think it might pissed of irritate the designers, and I got nothing to offer maybe a watermark in the logo or the header.

    Looks great Lester, it’s alot easier to navigate aswell and I love the new layout of your plugins page. 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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