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  • Here is my July 2008 WordPress plugins update containing all my 15 WordPress plugins. All of them should work on WordPress 2.5 as well as WordPress 2.6. It is not tested for any version below that.

    In general, most of the updates are bug fixes. These updates in theory should be able to work till WordPress 2.7 when it comes out end of this year.

    My new semester will begin on 2nd week August 2008, and hence I will be busy with my school work. So no updates to my plugins will be out till the end of this year unless it is a critical bug or a security issue.

    Be sure to read the readme.html and checkout the changelog for more information and most importantly NOTE THE TABS AT THE TOP

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  • excellent. thanks Lester

    You are most welcome =)

    Gamerz – I think there may be a bug with the latest release of WP-PostRatings. I updated it automatically through the plugins section of WP 2.6 to version 1.31.

    Here’s what happened after the upgrade from 1.30 to 1.31 in WP 2.6. When checking out my homepage, I noticed an entire widget section was blank where the ‘Most Rated’ PostRatings would be. I went to the widget section and noticed that a non-functional ‘Most Rated’ widget was more or less ‘frozen’ in the ‘drag and drop’ area with no way to remove or replace it. Unable to really do anything, I disabled the PostRatings Widget plugin. My theme’s default widgets showed up. Good so far.

    I re-enabled the widget plugin and the same symptoms were back. Essentially, you’re unable to select either the ‘Most Rated’ or ‘Top Rated’ widgets *OR* modify/remove/relocate any existing PostRatings widgets that were in place prior to the upgrade.

    Here’s a screenshot:

    Upon trying to add another widget (say a text widget), the PostRatings widget axes anything you try to add and save – only showing the screwy, non-functional widget. Notice in the screenshot that it says I’m running 3 widgets in that sidebar, but the only one visible after the upgrade is the non-functional PostRatings one.

    I don’t know if it’s ‘critical’ per se, but it does severely wreck the widget side of the plugin. For now, I’m going to find a backup and roll back to 1.30 until you can take a look at this.


    @chewru I am unable to reproduce your problem. It works fine on my localhost (I just tested it). You may want to try disabling the other plugins and switch to the default theme.

    I also would not recommend you to autoupdate the plugin as it is not 100% success rate.

    I’m having a problem with WP-Downloadmanager 1.31 and WordPress 2.6. The downloads are not shown. There is simply nothing there. I’m talking about code like [download=10]. Templates are all filled.

    read the readme.html under Usage Tab, the shortcode has been changed

    Great work as always – thanks.

    Thank you Lester! 🙂

    Works fine now.

    Thanks for the kind compliments. I really appreciate it. Been receiving a few negative comments recently and it makes my blood boil =(

    gamerz – tried what you suggested and it worked in regards to my issue with postratings; manually installing the upgraded version (and not using the autoinstall) corrected all of the issues.

    i also notice my site is running much quicker after 1.31 than it did with 1.30 (on 2.6). is there any change in the plugin that could account for it?

    i noticed that my site went down about -100- queries after the upgrade?

    i’m going to donate a few bucks next week for your hard work! =)

    Yeap, 1.31 wp-postratings is much quicker:

    Here are the 3 changes that account for that;
    # NEW: Renamed postratings-admin-js.php To postratings-admin-js.js and Move The Dynamic Javascript Variables To The PHP Pages
    # NEW: Renamed postratings-js.php To postratings-js.js and Move The Dynamic Javascript Variables To The PHP Pages
    # NEW: Uses postratings-js-packed.js And postratings-admin-js-packed.js

    I am also having a problem with WP-Downloadmanager 1.31 and WordPress 2.6. The download shortcode doesn’t seem to work. As stated earlier, there is simply nothing showing up. I tried using both the new shortcode: [download id=”10″] suggested in the readme & the old code: [download=10] from previous versions. Neither seems to be working. Any suggestions? I am testing this plugin on a pre-scheduled page(not a post) Could that have something to do with it?

    Ensure that you type the short code [download id=”10″] in HTML mode and not in the visual editor.

    I am not sure about the pre-scheduled part. But it should work for both pages and posts regardless whether or not it is scheduled.

    if it does not work, you may need to reinstall WP.

    OK, I will give it a few more tries with the HTML editor and see what happens. Thanks.

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