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  • Here is my December 2008 WordPress plugins update containing all my 14 WordPress plugins update and 1 new WordPress plugin. All of them should work on WordPress 2.7 as I did not test them on any WordPress version below that.

    I am introducing a new plugin called WP-CommentNavi which basically paginate your comments similar to how WP-PageNavi paginate your posts. I am also retiring WP-Sticky as WordPress 2.7 has a sticky post feature built in. WP-Sticky 2.31 WILL NOT work on WordPress 2.7 due to a conflict function “is_sticky”. If you renamed that function to “is_sticky2″ or something else, it should work, but as usual I did not test it.

    Be sure to read the readme.html and checkout the changelog for more information and most importantly NOTE THE TABS AT THE TOP.

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  • As always, great work, Lester.

    Thank You =)

    Great work and thanks, I love your plugins.

    Thanks =)

    Due to large number of requests, I have decided not to retire WP-Sticky and I have update it to 1.40 to make it compatible with WordPress 2.7. Check the link in the first post.

    GamerZ, first off you, your plugins are fabulous, thank you for creating them!

    Second, I just upgraded to WP 2.7 and now your WP-Print plugin does not work anymore. You can see the error I’m getting if you go to my blog and click on the “Print this Post” option at the bottom of a post.

    I thought this might have been a permalink structure issue (which happened with some other plugins), but even after I re-saved the permalink options I’m getting this error. How do I fix it?

    I have the Role Management plugin installed, are there any ways I could add the WP-Sticky option there so only admins could use it? Thanks

    see unseenmortal’s duplicate question at:


    Does your relative date plugin take into consideration time zones? I’m using the plugin on my blog but the times shown are not accurate. For example one of the post was posted more than a day ago (about 39 hours ago) but the plugin says it’s 22 hours ago.

    To see what I mean go to rollover the dates to see the actual time and date into the tooltip (title attribute).

    The code I’m using is…

    <?php echo how_long_ago(get_the_time(‘U’)); ?> and <?php echo how_long_ago(get_comment_time(‘U’)); ?>

    Thanks for the help!

    You got the wrong plugin. that PHP code you posted does not belong to WP-RelativeDate

    Oops sorry got mixed up. The one I’m using uses some code in functions.php to get the relative date but it doesn’t support timezone offset and hacking it is too confusing for me. So I’m switching to your plugin.

    I’m using comment_date() and after activating your plugin it, and posting a comment. It doesn’t show a relative date.

    Hey never mind. The plugin failed to activate because of some reason and I thought it did. It’s working now.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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