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  • I’m posting this because I’m frustraed as hell with WP 2.8. I’m not a newbie, been using and theming
    WP for a while now. I have never had so many problems at once.
    1. ) At random times, the editor doesn’t display at all. Nothing. No html nor Visual editor, just nothing.
    2. ) I couldn’t add an image via the editor until I changed the path of the upload folder and had to create
    a new folder for it. And when I finally added an image (after the folder change), I had the weirdest problem I’ve ever seen:
    2 HTML editors one under the other.
    3.) Widgets are insane. I add them, and check up on them, and they’re there, but nothing displays. If I use the same code in the template, it displays.
    4.) Randomly, adding plugin gives me error. I’m on a PHP5 server, and the plugins have been tested and used before on other 2.8 installs. Yet, I get
    fatal errors all over the place.
    And these are just the problems I remember. Solved so many of them, bypassed others.

    I beg you, get 2.8.1 out soon. I’m dying here, and my clients aren’t exactly happy with me right now.

    And please, drop some/all of the JS. I don’t know about the other users, but the JS makes loading pages in the admin so heavy it
    drives me insane and I don’t need fancy effects inside the Admin. Or maybe make a version without JS. I’d kill for it. Or an option
    to choose. Seriously, that would rock.

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