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    On /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=shop_order, before updating to WooCommerce 3, i was able to hover over the date and a tooltip that shows the exact time the order happened showed up. There was also a way to quickly see which products an order included. This is no longer possible and i have to click on a specific order to see all the information. Is there a way to still do these things? Am i missing something here?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I’m going to sticky this since folks are missing the announcement in the release notes/blog posts/readme/changelog.

    This column basically loads all items for all orders on display – on a store with a full page of orders, this brings the page load times down to unacceptable levels. Thus this column has been removed.

    A dynamic version if planned – see

    There is also a snippet on that link to bring it back manually but it’s not recommended.

    I have read it. Why is it that a simple order cannot display the product sold. It seems one of the most basic items of reporting, yet I cannot find a way to report this. We have the option to choose which columns to report on. It seems illogical that the option cannot be shown and only report on the product sold in the order

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @seniormasters If your read it you’ll know why it’s gone. You can still view the order itself (full view) to see the items + all details.

    use the snippet if you miss it that much.

    Thanks for the reply. Still doesn’t solve the fact that reports are supposed to be user friendly. The only info I need to see it the buyer & product listed. I am staggered by this cannot be an option. It worked perfectly for me before. Now I have no report and I have to check every order manually just to see the product. It can take hours to do something basic that should take me minutes

    Thanks for reply. The fact its taking me hours to do what used to take me minutes demonstrates how fundamental the summary report showing buyer and product is. I don’t understand how to use the snippet. please explain.


    I understand why products were removed (for faster loading), but I don’t understand why it was slow in the first place.

    I came from Magento which offered lots of order data without directly opening the order. It was always fast and responsive.

    Michelle, to get this functionality back, either use a plugin ( or use the snippet of code Mike linked to and paste into your themes functions.php file.

    It was slow because it was running a database query on page load to fetch every order and its items. I’m not familiar with Magento, but I’d imagine it fetches data about each order on click.

    So disappoint not show the prchase itens in this version, but @andrewsumner thanks for talk about this plugin WC Restore the Purchased Items Column in Orders Page

    If anyone is concerned about resource usage (as mentioned by Mike), we created a plugin which loads the products dynamically It is working well on our own website, so hopefully it will help others too.

    Luke Cavanagh



    Thanks for sharing.

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