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  • I just created a new theme for my site, as usual the biggest headache was caused by the various browsers out there.

    I would appreciate as much feedback as possible, does the site load properly and look as it is supposed to, in your browser?

    Thanks very much in advance.

    edit: the link might help:)

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  • Help yourself 🙂

    Thanks very much, that’s a great link.

    What do you all think of this theme? Do you think the colours fit? Is it easy to navigate i.e. does the layout make sense?

    Anything you would change/improve?






    I think its yellow.

    Nothing else is able to be digested.

    Thanks for the feedback, what exactly is indigestible about the theme?

    Do colours clash? Is it monotonous? Is the set up illogical? Does it look boring?

    I am having a little ‘cognitive dissonance’ with the color scheme. If you like Yellow/Orange – it Works! Even though Yellow is a favorite color of mine, I found myself not wanting to stay on the site too long. The color scheme became a bit overwhelming. My suggestion is to try a Cream color for the surround and keep the Yellow center – maybe a lighter shade of Yellow – assuming that you like light colors. You may want to bump up the size on the font.


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    BTW – I just want to say “I Love WordPress.”

    It works for me, you could change the contrast between colors would be easier to read.

    In the past my themes were often quite dark and used a lot of greys. I decided to try something radically new this time, which is why I went for the yellow/orange colour. Yes, it is quite dominant, but refreshing compared to my earlier colour schemes.

    What I haven’t changed is my minimalist, almost spartan style.

    Thank you all for the feedback, when feedback isn’t honest then it’s not helpful 🙂 so I appreciate your honesty.

    yellow yellow.. hmm layout is good, but I dont like yellow 🙁


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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