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  • This is very best plugin for creating dynamic slider.
    I am facing an issue.
    I have created two sliders with 4 banner items in each, saved with a custom skin working fine.
    But Later I trying to add a fifth banner but the button “Add new banner for slider ‘sliderid'” not working. It just showing that the request is going on with ajax animated gif but no new area open where I can add the new image.
    I checked with firebug console, I am getting {“banners_limit”:4,”banner_item”:false} as response for ajax request to wp-content/plugins/len-slider/ls-ajax.php with post parameters as “count_banners=4&slidernum=ae761e59b8&skin_name=smart_energy_custom&act=add_banner”. status 200 ok.
    (I saved with max banner limit 20 for every slider, but created 4 slides in each).

    Sometimes, I am getting error in error console as
    “ReferenceError: tinymce is not defined
    Line 2 – tinymce.PluginManager.requireLangPack(‘len-slider’);”

    I checked it both on localhost (wamp, php 5.4.3, wp 3.5.1) and on live shared host (linux, php 5.3.2, wp 3.5.1), and both places the same issue.

    Please fix the issue asap.

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  • More information….

    I have made this custom skin copied from ‘smart_energy’ skin, and just chnaged the navigation styling, was working fine with 4 thumbnav and 4 slides.

    Further, I got help from another topic:, and tried to change the for invariable parameters.
    I changed it from 4 to 5, saved, then in admin len slider setting tab for a slider, set ‘LIMITATION OF BANNERS FOR THE SLIDER’ value to 5, submit (saved) and tried to add new banner, but no result. The same issue persist, although more errors in error console along with tinymce error.

    Two more errors…. (when I edit ‘’ inside lib folder)
    Either I set ‘value’ => 4, ‘invariable’ => 5,.. for ‘ls_banners_limit’ array, or I set set ‘value’ => 5, ‘invariable’ => 5 get error in error console as
    1) NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS: Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMWindow.getComputedStyle]
    2) too much recursion
    3) tinymce error
    Please let me know how I can achieve to set 5 slides in a slider with 5 navigation thumbnail? Need the fix/solution asap as this is on one of my main site.


    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, Shashank!
    First of all thanks for good words! Best wishes for you for it!
    For the first message I will answer now, and tomorrow for the second because I want to sleep)
    About console error with tinymce: I fixed it in 2nd version that will be soon, there are much new features and fixes there, hope you’ll enjoy it)
    About banners limit: there was a lot of questions about it. So limit can be static via skin param invariable in skin php-class. this is because some sliders has a limited outer width that can include only static number count of banners. For example we have slider with 960px width and slider manage link with 240px width that horizontal, so we need only 4 banners.
    If you have any ideas about this – i’ll be glad to discuss it)

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, I’ve done it on my local, working fine for me..

    I Igor, I was waiting for your second reply as u said yesterday. Thanks.

    Its very good that u fixed up tinymce and other issues in this plugin, waiting for the version 2. 🙂

    The parameters values by which I was trying to edit the slider to have fifth banner and fifth button I already explained. But also stated the issues I got after those settings.
    The calculation of width/height are very much important for a nice slider, and more or less I understood ur calculation but not very clearly.

    The custom skin I have used is copied from ‘smart_energy’ skin available in this plugin and just customized the button/thumb navigation mainly. This skin have full width slides with banner title/text on it and thumbnail navigation in bottom. So for this sliding skin, there should not be such calculation applying like 960/4 = 240px, because in this every slides/banners are of equal full width of 960px and moving 1 by 1 to viewers eye.
    I just wanna add a fifth banner with fifth thumbnail in this slider. Already customized the css width of thumb navigation to come within 960 ex. 960/5 = 192, but why I am getting issues when adding 5 banner and changing invariable parameter accordingly (not working).

    As last you said u checked it on local. Have you worked by adding a 5th banner to smart_energy skin?

    Please let me know.

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi again, sorry for late answer!
    you just need to do code at smart_energy lib:
    'value' => 5, 'invariable' => 5

    So i think to remove limit of banners… do you think so?

    Its okay for the late answer, but still I didn’t get the answer.
    Have u red my posts thoroughly?
    In the very first post I done the settings u telling me to do, and also stated the errors I am getting along with slider not working.
    Further to my each replies I tried to explain u every case in detail, and I think I hv not missed or hidden any thing.
    In the last one also I hv shown the width calculation, and aksed you for that if u have done it successfully with smart_energy… but ur last reply not mentioned it even.
    Anyways, please check the issue properly. I am waiting for the real solution along with the other users who will be gained with it, and use this excellent plugin.
    Also, waiting for ur fixed plugin new version.


    I can show u a temporary link for site I am developing with it, check.. home page slider. It is made with custom_smart_energy skin with ur plugin having thumbnail navigation in top. This is currently having 4 slides with 4 buttons, but I want a 5th slide with 5th button navigation in top.
    Please remove this post with the link if possible, after checking, as this is under development site, not to be shown publicly (can be copyright/legal issues).

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, Shashank!
    Yes, of course i’ve readed your posts) about tinymce fix – it will be in 2nd version.
    But maybe I didnt understood about fifth banner (really sorry, because I have a bad english), you need update php-code as i wrote and just resave banners data – the data about banners limit will be updated to 5 (so plugin checks data from DB).
    I really sorry, but can you repeat about problems by number list?

    Its okay and I cn understand if its the problem with english. May be u can use use copy-pasting contents in google translate to convert it in your language, little help.
    There is nothing more which I can explain, since each and everything I already stated in very detail.
    In short as you have seen the link I posted in last post. The slider made with custom_energy skin have set 4 banners in admin with 4 thumbnail navigation. When I am adding a 5th one the slider stop working.
    I had tried to change parameters as you suggested but then coming javascript errors which I have mentioned.

    I am just asking the possibility of more than 5 banner and thumbnail navigation with smart_energy skin, and expect from you to try it your end and let me know if its working with proper variable or other settings.

    Thanks for trying to support, but please check the link and read my post 1-by-1 from start, all are clearly explaining the problem.

    Thanks for the concern Igor.

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