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  • We are having an odd problem in another plugin that somehow involves the Legull plugin. This is the issue:

    We are experiencing strange search results coming up in the Relevanssi plugin’s search logs, in that they are including URLs in the search that are created by the Legull plugin. No other URLs are involved. See sample of the log here:

    disgusting thing disgusting thing/page/7/legal/privacy-policy/legal/terms-of-service 98 482
    disgusting thing disgusting thing/page/2/legal/privacy-policy/legal/terms-of-service 94 519
    1914/page/21/legal/privacy-policy/legal/terms-of-service 44 457
    disgusting thing disgusting thing/page/7/legal/terms-of-service/legal/privacy-policy 39 482
    1914/page/8/legal/privacy-policy/legal/terms-of-service 36 504
    1914/page/20/legal/privacy-policy 35 511
    1914/page/20/legal/terms-of-service/legal/privacy-policy 34 551
    1914/page/21/legal/terms-of-service 33 441
    disgusting thing disgusting thing/page/2/legal/terms-of-service/legal/privacy-policy 27 519
    disgusting/page/3/legal/terms-of-service/legal/privacy-policy 21 440
    1914/page/21/legal/privacy-policy 20 414
    1914/page/12/legal/terms-of-service 12 443
    1914/page/7/legal/privacy-policy 4 413
    1914/page/12/legal/privacy-policy 4 414

    Interestingly, the URLs in the log all have something in common, in that they are generated from the plugin “Legull” which created those pages. Any idea what might be going on with the Legull plugin that would allow it’s URLs to come up into the other plugin’s search logs?

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  • This may be caused caused by some bot running searches on your site. The URLs won’t come up in the search logs, unless someone or something is running those searches. Some kind of spider bot, crawling random search URLs. It’s unpleasant, but I’m not sure what you can do about it.

    Thanks for your reply, Mikko! I would have thought that too, only the URLs are not from any other pages on our site – except the pages generated by the Legull plugin. This leads me to believe the bug is specific to this plugin. So I really believe there is something else at work, here.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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