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  • Resolved grutti


    Dear all,

    I’m using SlimStat and I’m wondering whether there is a legend for the world map available.
    I know that if I’m going with my mouse over the several countries, I can see the number of visits from each country with a procentual detail.

    In order to export the map, it would be very nice if there would be a legend.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi there

    DO you mean like a political map with Country names displayed on it?


    PS a vote/review for WP slimstat would be a nice way to say thank you

    Hi camu,

    Thanks for your quick response.
    I do not mean a legend with contry names, but rather a legend with colours, which indicate the number of clicks.
    If I have a look at my Slimstat right now:
    USA has the colour orange and if I’m going over it the information field shows me the percentage (35%) and the number of clicks (622).
    Germany is also orange (37%) and 657 clicks
    France is coloured in light green 0.51% and 9 clicks.

    So is it possible to put a legend on this map with, lets say 7 colours (or more or less :)), which indicates the number of clicks? E.g.
    red = 700 – 900 clicks
    orange = 500 – 699 clicks
    yellow = 300 – 499 clicks
    green = 100 – 299 clicks
    light green = 1 – 99 clicks
    white = 0 click

    Something like this? Up to this point it’s a little bit difficult to interprete this map.


    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Good point, the map tab would need some love, indeed 😉 I will add it to my todo list.


    Thanks Camu!
    I think the world map is a very, very good tool in order to visualize the token statistics.
    Keep it up – i like your plugin very much!

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    The legend has been added to version 3.2.3

    Dear Camu,

    I just updated the Slimstat-plugin, but unfortunately the legend is really inexpressive (to me).
    Is something like this possible?
    This would be more convincing scale for a map!


    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    I will look into that but unfortunately the tool we use to generate the map is quite limited from this point of view.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Also, there’s no way to guess what color the library I’m using will choose for a given number, since ranges are dynamic based on the number of total visitors and percentages. The third-party library I use doesn’t offer a documentation page on their algorithm.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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