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  • I’m still relatively new to WordPress, so I apologize if this is a stupid question, but here’s the deal…

    When I initially moved my site over to WordPress from Blogger about six weeks ago, I was unable to figure out how to properly set up the left sidebar within my WordPress template (a heavily-edited version of Twenty Ten), so I just had it pop in as a PHP include file.

    Yesterday, though, I finally got around to fixing it by setting up a sidebar-left.php file and, in index.php, including <?php get_sidebar(‘left’);?>. I recreated all of the info from my old PHP include file as a pair of text widgets, and decided to move the Meta widget over from the right sidebar to the left. That’s where things went awry.

    While the two text widgets are fine throughout the site, the Meta widget (along with any others I place at the bottom of the left sidebar), only shows up on the home page. Any idea why this might be? Here’s the code for the relevant parts…


    [code moderated as per forum rules – please use the pastebin]


    [same here]


    [and again here]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

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