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  • I’d like to create a new template and add a left sidebar. Is this possible?
    Thank you for any help.

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  • Michael


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    yes, this is possible; done here for instance.

    it needs a basic understanding of html, css, and php; and a few wordpress functions.

    the example is keeping the original width of the theme.
    because it is quite a few lines of code, see:


    Thanks, that’s very helpful. I have managed to this with another theme a while ago but the 2010 styling threw me a bit so wasn’t too sure.

    I basically want to add a left sidebar to include section navigation.

    I have now followed the instructions successfully and have my new 3 column template.

    I would now like to make this my default template. I have tried changing the css code etc but ended up with a bit of a mess. Any advice would be appreciated.


    Only problem is that the 3 column template doesn’t render in IE6. The left sidebar doesn’t show at all. Any ideas please?

    ie6 sucks big time.

    but without any example there is nobody who can help you. 🙁

    I used the 3 column template code in alchymyth’s post above ie.

    It works in every other browser except IE6 – I have checked in browser shots. IE6 is still used a lot in the UK especially in government etc so it’s a real problem.

    can you give me the url of your website?

    It’s here.
    Thanks for your help.


    there are several things going wrong. First you have some errors in your css.

    But the main thing why its not working, you put the div of the left sidebar after your main content. You should put the div of the left sidebar before the content

    Hi baszer, I have moved the left sidebar div above the content but it still doesn’t work.

    I used the coding from the example and I noticed that the site using it also doesn’t render properly in IE6 as below.

    Tips and Tricks

    I have added a left sidebar to another theme in the past but it was not as complex as TwentyTen. The template css for the three column is a little cryptic for me but I am learning!

    Any other hints to correct this?


    plz but the div after this line

    <div id=”container” class=”threecolumn”>

    now you have it before this line

    Have moved the div but still no luck.


    use this stylesheet (i modified your stylesheet to work with your adjustments)

    Thanks baszer. I will take a look a bit later and try it out! Will let you know outcome.

    Hi baszer. Have now used your stylesheet and the 3 column works great in IE6 which is wonderful.

    I noticed that in the two column layout that you disabled the content margins which made the content run to the right hand edge under the sidebar. I added a width element and that seems to have solved the problem there. What do you think? So now it looks like this below:

    /*[disabled]margin:0 240px 0 15px;*/

    So thank you very much for this. Much appreciated.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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