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    It’s just putting the ad at the top of the post, above the image. as opposed to in content of post.

    I had to use two different plugins now so I can get the ad in the content of the text

    maybe some setting like after first paragraph or after image, mid-post, after image, towards beginning of post etc…? Or perhaps there’s some setting I’m missing.

    I see it for center, but not for beginning/mid/end locations.

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  • Plugin Author namith.jawahar


    The way you format the posts might have an image at the top but others wont be following this pattern. The Ad at top has to be at the top else its an ad in the middle of content.

    That’s the problem. I’m telling your plugin to put the ad to the left of content, but it’s just putting it at the top of the image. The image is above the post. Not in the middle.

    Plugin Author namith.jawahar


    Content = Whatever you enter in the Editor (Images as well as Text)

    You might be putting an image above the text but others may be beginning the post with text. Ad in Top of content = Ad above everything that’s entered in the editor.

    Hope this clarifies your confusion.

    I’m not confused. You are. I need the ad to go to the left of the text. Who wants their ad at the top and left of their top image? Nobody, that’s who. Thus I suggest you fix your plugin to work properly. Easy AdSense does it fine. Up to you if you choose to keep yours broken.

    Simple conditional logic can make it work in cases where there’s an image at the top.

    Plugin Author namith.jawahar


    You can use the Ad to the left of the content to have that functionality. Or the plugin allows you to modify the CSS via styles tab to fine tune the location.

    Its not logical from a global usage perspective to check for an image and left align the ad.
    1) What if another user wants to right align
    2) What if another user wants to center align.
    3) What if the image is a 64px x 64px icon placed at the top.
    4) What if its a full width image inserted at the top of the text.

    You are thinking from your single use case perspective. Setting it as a default will negatively affect thousands of normal blogs. For unique case like yours there is the Style tab with every ad block which lets you manually alter the CSS.

    What I’m suggesting is that you make some conditional logic to cover the situation of having an ad to left or right of a post. Essentially ‹If image exists at top, then wait for text and place ad ›. It works perfectly with other plugins. I really like your plugin because we can choose what areas of the site to show it and how many instances. It’s a great plugin. Very well thought out.

    You suggest css. That’s great. Why not mention it from the beginning and let me know the css required to accomplish my goal. Would of saved
    us both some time.

    Plugin Author namith.jawahar


    You have Ad to the left of content and Ad to the right of content for the purpose

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