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    I’ve been bashing my head against the wall trying to figure this one out. I’ve scoured here and Google, perhaps the proper search terms are just eluding me because I know that this has to be a problem that’s been solved already… On my site whenever I float something left and put a bullet list on the right the bullets do not indent properly and they end up sitting against my left floated content (usually an image). You can see an example of my problem here:

    Load Equalizer

    If you scroll down about half way you will see an image on the left with a 3 item bullet list on the right. The bullets hug the image and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve checked and it occurs in both FF and IE.

    Any help, thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  • style.css:

    html > body .entry ul {
    list-style:disc outside url("images/bullet.png");
    padding:0 0 0 30px;

    Change outside to inside.

    Wow, thanks! For the record, in case anyone else runs into this… I actually did not have the “outside” command defined, I assume that must be a default. My original code was just:

    list-style:disc url("images/bullet.png");

    I added the “inside” like you said and now it’s perfect.

    Thanks again!

    Sorry if I caused any confusion. Firebug must be adding outside to the list-style properties by default and I hadn’t noticed before. At least your pages are fixed now. 🙂

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