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  • OS: Linux – Fedora Core 4
    Browser: Firefox 1.0.6

    Editing a post, la-de-da, no problem, hit the left curor key, KA-POW, no mo’ Word Press, no mo’ Firefox, loss of whatever had been done.

    Using same version of Firefox on a Win98 system, no problemo.

    Very curious… may not be a WordPress problem. then again, it fails to happen when editing other places (like here) and started happening after the most recent WP upgrade.

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  • Well, it looks like you have a new version of Firefox, so you must have upgraded that recently. And if you were one of the millions who got whatever security patches or upgrades for the recent virus and worm attacks, that could also be interferring with something.

    If it only happens when working on WordPress, then the issue may be the browser and not WordPress. And if no one else comments here or on the forum with a similar story, then the odds are that it is something conflicted on your system.

    Before the SP2 patch on WinXP, some three key combination would lock up my entire computer. I never found the combination (only the left hand) and it did the same thing with three different programs, so it was really hard to narrow it down, but it seemed to fix itself in time or I stopped doing whatever that three key combination ways.

    Computers – not a perfect science.

    Thanks for commenting. The post probably should be retitled Kursor Kaflooey since I noticed that it happened when I pressed the right cursor key. And, yes, Firefox recently updated to 1.0.6, though I believe I noticed the problem after the WP upgrade.

    I also tested a different browser (mozilla) on the same Linux system and had no problem with the same post using WordPress on the same remote server. So far, it would seem to be a combination of Linux plus Firefox plus WordPress, not to mention worms and virii, oh my!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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