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    I have BackupWordPress set to do backups daily (both database and files) and to save 10 of the latest. However, it just came to my attention that more than 10 of the “files” files were being retained. When I looked at the folder via FTP, there were maybe 30-40 of these files. Since they are kind of big, this was really adding up.

    Any idea why these are not automatically being deleted?


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  • Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Hey relish1227

    They should definitely be being auto deleted, how many schedules do you have?

    Are any of the backup duplicates (same backup done multiple times) or is it just not deleting old backups?

    So, for each of the 10 backups, I see two files. For instance, for yesterday I see: – 2,215,244K
    zi7oK3iM (no extension) – 1,733,710,139K

    The zip files appear to be deleting fine, as I only see 10 of them. However, the second file — which I think is the file backup, although I don’t know why it doesn’t have an extension — does not get deleted. The last zip I see is from 6/9, but there are those “other” files from 6/8 and 6/7. They have a similar naming style and are fairly large. I had deleted all the previous ones to save space.

    Any ideas why these aren’t being removed? Thanks!

    Hi, I’m having the same problem.

    I use this plugin on a lot of sites, but I few days ago I noticed that everyone of the sites using this plugin were using lots of serverspace. I’m talking several gigs more than the site really is.

    When I go to the directory on the server where the backups are stored, I find up to 20 backups of really big sizes. Note that there are more backups than I scheduled for on the WP back-end. And I always use just one schedule.

    I find files like this:

    Which is corresponding to the list of backups I see in the WP back-end.

    But also lots like these:

    Again, i’m having this problem on several websites, all using this back-up plugin.

    Thanks in advance.


    Plugin Author Tom Willmot

    (@willmot) – 2,215,244K
    zi7oK3iM (no extension) – 1,733,710,139K

    the zi7oK3iM should be being deleted, thats the temporary file created when zipping. I’m not sure why it isn’t being.

    Could you email and I’ll see if I can dig into this a bit deeper.

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    But also lots like these:

    Those look like backups from your default schedules, you definitely don’t have those still setup? If you deleted them the backups should have been deleted also. Are new backups still being created from those schedules?

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    The edge cases that could cause BackUpWordPress to create more than one backup have been fixed in version 2.3

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