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    I am using the chat plugin on pages using the LearnDash LMS and I have the lesson pages set up with videos that the user needs to fully watch in order to complete the lesson. The problem I am having is when a user uses the chat and then leaves the chat it refreshes the page which restarts their video so they lose their progress.

    Is there a way to disable the page refresh after a user leaves the chat?

    Thank you!

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  • Another issue my client is having is when they are chatting with someone and then the user leaves for a bit and comes back it only has their name as guest or sometimes it bugs out and shows someone elses name for the wrong chat. Is there something I can do about this? (All users are logged in so it should be pulling their name right?)

    That sounds odd. It shouldn’t under any circumstances show another user’s name.

    Is it only the name wrong or the chat messages too?
    Are you using the on-premise or cloud server mode?
    Do you use any sort of caching?
    Is it reproducible or random?
    What version of the plugin are you using?

    From my client –
    “When someone is chatting with us; and they go back to the video and come back later, they are tagged as “guest” and we no longer have their name. However their name is now attached to another person. i.e. I had a “Jane Doe” (80 years old) message me that she loves being able to “________”! I’m pretty sure that was coming from another student and not Jane Doe!”

    Now that I think about it, it is probably the caching we are using. We had it enabled for logged in users because of the amount of users that were logging in to take the classes at the same time made the server crash.

    Is there a way to exclude the chat from being cached or how should I go about this problem?

    Edit: I have disabled caching for admins, but will caching for the regular users effect how their name shows up?

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    Try disabling caching completely to see if it fixes the problem. If yes then you know what is wrong. Also please make sure you are running the latest version of this plugin.

    Btw my opinion is that you should never enable caching for logged in users, no matter if they are admins or normal users and especially their sessions.

    It is bad practice and will cause only problems in most cases. (not to comment on privacy issues exposing others’ personal details)

    I suggest to find another solution for the server crashing problem. Maybe you should consider changing host. WordPress is a very resource hungry system. You can leverage caching in multiple layers, just not in the way you currently are.

    my 2c.

    Ok, I have disabled caching for logged in users. Thank you for your help!

    I still need help with my original post though regarding page refreshing when the chat gets closed by the user.

    Please advise.


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    Hello @kassiev, the page refresh will be removed in one of next updates. Check changelog and keep plugin updated!

    Ok awesome, thank you!

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    Hello @kassiev, the end chat refresh issue has been fixed in latest 8.1.2. Let us know!

    Just tested it and it has been fixed! Thank you so much!

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