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    Hi progresst,

    Sorry that you ran into issues here!

    This seems a lot more like a support request rather than a review, since it’s something we can correct if we’re aware of it. This is the first I’ve heard of this behavior. We can definitely help fix this.

    Did you click Classifieds->Uninstall to uninstall the plugin? Or did you deactivate and delete it?

    The former one is the only way to completely remove the plugin, as we don’t want to destroy your data during an upgrade, which also follows the deactivate/delete path above. If you didn’t do that, reinstall the plugin temporarily and then click Classifieds->Uninstall to get rid of the tables completely.

    If you DID do that, which tables were left after install?

    What version of WP are you on?

    Obviously, a lot more goes into a plugin than what happens on uninstall and this is not good behavior, but a one-star rating on this does seem a bit unfair. I hope you’ll reconsider.

    So the plugin is supposed to remove all tables? You have that built into the uninstall process?

    @progresst: This is not a support forum. please ask your questions in

    I know it’s not a support forum! The review stands as I could not find where this plugin removes tables on uninstall. I was asking him to clarify that it in in fact is supposed to do that. If not, then it deserves a 1 star review.

    You seem a little confused as to how these forums work. Perhaps I can help.

    When you have a problem with a plugin, your very first post of call should be that plugin’s dedicated support forum – located over here in this case. Once you have posted a topic describing your problem, you them should leave it a few days for the plugin developer to respond.

    If the developer responds, you can them, hopefully, sort out the issue and, if you wish, leave a review outlining your experience with the plugin.

    If the developer doesn’t respond after (say) 3 weeks (plugin devs take holidays, sometimes), then, as above, please feel free leave a review outlining your experience.

    What you should not do is leave a review and then try to use that review to start asking questions. That is not how these forums work. so perhaps you could please move this discussion – over whether the plugin left tables behind or whether it was due to an issue on your end – to the plugin’s support forum.

    Thank you.

    I didn’t ask for nor do I want support. You are simply making assumptions that are incorrect.

    I reviewed the code and found no place where tables are removed upon uninstall. The dev knows this and tried to craft a response to make it appear this is a support issue. It’s not a support issue.

    I don’t need to adjust the review until the plugin is developed to remove all traces. I’ve been around here awhile too, I know how this works.

    I reviewed the code and found no place where tables are removed upon uninstall.

    What exactly were you looking for?

    Plugin Author awpcp


    Hi progresst,

    Yes–we do remove tables on uninstall. It is found under the file:

    The method “uninstall” does exactly what you are looking for. Searching for “DROP TABLE” in the code should have found it.

    Since you didn’t indicate how you “uninstalled” the plugin–it would help to know if you did the Classifieds->Uninstall or just deactivated/deleted it. The former will do the data removal, the latter will not. That behavior is intentional so that upgrades of the plugin do not delete your prior data.

    I’m not sure why you didn’t find our table removal methods in the source code, but we’ve had this feature since 1.0.

    As Justin mentioned in the review where you point out similar “flaws”, WordPress plugins are not supposed to remove their tables unless you run a specific uninstall hook to avoid data loss–this comment by Carl Hancock in WPTavern explains the reasoning behind it:

    Like WP eCommerce, we’re not planning on changing this behavior anytime soon as it would be very bad for users overall.

    Since you were looking for this feature, couldn’t find it and gave us a one-star review for it, perhaps you can reconsider as this is available in AWPCP?

    What exactly were you looking for?

    @ e s m i: This is not a support forum. please ask your questions in

    @awpcp Thanks for the response, I’ll adjust the original review.

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    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Hi progresst, I’m another moderator in these forums. Your replies have been hitting the spam queue and as they were not helpful they were deleted.

    Feel free to update your review but please be aware that there’s not much to be gained by arguing with a moderator.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Alright, those last replies to my post were not well received and were also deleted. This is no longer productive.

    I’m closing this review as it really is not serving any purpose any longer.

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