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  • Can we just agree this “site editor experience” is such a joke? The WP team is decades behind something like Squarespace, DIVI, Elementor, etc. Seriously, WordPress, please just shut this whole thing down. Gutenberg has never gone above 2 stars, the site editor is convoluted (you can’t even add a favicon without a workaround), and the block UI is impossible to read. I could make a better WP theme hardcoded. Leave the blocks to the actual web dev and UI professionals at Squarespace/DIVI/Elementor/etc.

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  • Hi @jkp1122 ! Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Can you share some specific things that you had issues with, especially with things that other editors do well? We can use feedback like yours to inform improvements to the editor for everyone?

    you can’t even add a favicon without a workaround

    Ideally, something like this is theme/plugin territory, and you can find many such plugins, which allow you to add a favicon.

    I agree that the Gutenberg Builder should add more functions. But, I love this plugin more than any other builder! And yes, Gutenberg is not easy to use!

    I really laugh when someone compares the clean Gutenberg with garbage-bloated builders such as Elementor and Divi.


    Dear Gutenberg developers, Please continue developing it and add more functions! I have faith in you because Gutenberg is the only builder I use. And don’t listen to these negative reviews! They cannot see the power of Gutenberg!

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