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    I would like to know if this feature is available?

    Say, remaining leaves for the previous year will be carried over the next, thereby crediting on the next period.

    Thank you.

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    We suggest you create a ‘Carried Over’ leave policy for the maximum number of days allowable for any team member. Then add a note on their record (in the Employee profile) to record how many days each individual employee may actually have within that maximum allowable. Then simply book the first few ;eave days of the new year to the Carried Over policy and start using the normal leave policy when the employee has taken their allowance.

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    Hi, would also have a related question
    lets say an employee has 20 days per year
    each year after the first year he get an additional 1 day till it reaches 25

    also if he has days from previous years they can carry a maximum of 5 days but they have to take it until a certain day ie April of next year else they loss it and they stay with the 25 days had

    any idea how this can be done

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    You could create five leave policies – ‘Standard Leave 20 days’ ‘Standard Leave 21 days’ etc and assign a new policy to the employee each each year. It would be a manual process to select and apply the new policy each year but it would do the trick.

    For leave carried over we recommend creating a ‘carried over leave’ policy with 5 days leave and booking any leave taken to that before booking leave to the normal policy.

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