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  • Hi. I’ve left a review for the plugin, which I love. Well, I love except that the

    “Are you enjoying Advanced Flat Rate shipping for Woocommerce Plugin?
    You have been using our shipping plugin for 5 weeks now. Mind leaving a review to let us know what you think? We’d really appreciate it!”

    banner won’t go away no matter which option I click on.

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  • I’m having this exact same issue. The notification will not go away and displays on pretty much every page in the backend (wp-admin).

    I have tried both options as well and when I click “No thanks / I already have”, the banner goes away but than comes back when the page is refreshed or when navigating to a different page.

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    Hello gamethrall, jamesshulman,

    Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please check below file path and comment one line to remove that header banner notice.

    File path: “wp-content\plugins\woo-extra-flat-rate\includes\class-advanced-flat-rate-shipping-for-woocommerce.php”

    Please comment line no 128.

    //require_once plugin_dir_path( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . ‘includes/class-advanced-flat-rate-shipping-for-woocommerce-user-feedback.php’;

    After that you can see that that banner will gone from all the pages.

    Let us know still you getting that banner notice.



    Although this approach works (thank you), what happens when an update occurs on the plugin? I would likely have to re-comment the line in order for the banners to continue not to show. Will this be fixed in the next release/update?

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    Apparently not. There have been several (minor) updates and this issue persists.

    I have been in and commented out the line, but with each update, the issue comes back.

    That really sucks. I am thinking of switching to another plugin because of these annoying banners. I see the “Checkout our other Popular Premium WooCommerce plugins” banner an every page on the backend. I tried to add

    .editorsFlatRate-notice {
    display: none !important;

    but it has no effect!
    Please fix this. Thank you.

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    @newshop I haven’t been able to get anything like that to work either. If you find CSS that works, please let me know! Thanks!

    @dots I had previously left a 5 star review for this plugin. Because the messages will not go away and the Review message keeps coming back, I will be revising my review. Just letting you know.

    I was hoping that you’d fix the issue with the annoying banners after this update, but you did not. Are there any plans to fix this in the next update? If yes, I will keep your plugin and leave a 5 star rating, if not, I will switch to another plugin because that really sucks and will have to leave a 1 star rating, what would be a pity but I’ve never seen another plugin that is so annoying with advertising and review-baiting 🙁

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