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  • Any idea what could be causing this. It only happens on a couple of pages, but it bothers me. address is

    I guess I should clarify- the Leave a reply line is showing up at the top of the page on a couple of my archive pages.

    Any help would be great- thanks!

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  • Wondering if anyone else had any idea why this is happening. Thanks again!

    That is very strange .. it only happens when the next / last story titles go out of alignment but quite why that results in odd.

    Congrats on finding it podz, I keep telling myself, “Don’t go searching if a link to the actual problem isn’t presented.” I never did see what or where the problem was.

    ok here are the places where this is now happening (sorry for not posting it before)

    hope this helps further

    Must be me ‘cuz I don’t see a problem… in my FF and IE. The “Leave a Reply” line is beneath the “This entry was…” box on every page – even the pages to which you linked.

    I guess it is only happening in Firefox. It is happening in mine and apparently at least one other person’s…I did a search before I posted and someone else was having the same problem, but he replied with “nevermind I found out what it was” without saying what it was. I tried contacting him, but couldn’t find a way to do so

    Your comments area is 376px wide.
    Your post area is 521px wide.
    And there is that little image under the horizontal list.

    If the next page / last page words are longer than 376px, they would overlap so they are bumped out of line. This then causes the ‘Leave a reply’ to misbehave.

    What is odd is that those words are in the same block as the comments – I would have thought they would be in the ‘post’ area block. All of which leads me to think it’s a theme problem made worse by that image…

    Well as far as I can tell the problem has gone away. I had one of my columns floated left. Which was also throwing off the comments on a couple of pages. But for now it looks like it is fixed. thanks for the replies

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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