[resolved] Learning to understand wordpress code(global "tag" functions?) (2 posts)

  1. SteveYantz
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm trying to understand wordpress so I can manipulate it in the following ways.
    - Make a list of links pointing to -numbered- posts in order by the current post's category and subselected by a limitation(season 1, season 2) etc. by the current post's season.
    (note: I know how to add these fields into the post's table, but that's as far as I can go)
    - Call a table based on the current post as a forign key.
    (note: I have a "videos" table in the database which holds up to 3 videos per post)
    and call that table's field by connecting current post's key to the video's FK.
    - have a next and previous button to cycle through the current categories posts. In order by numbers(episodes,) not by the last post submitted. ( "next" disabled when it reaches the last post.)
    - something to manipulate the admin's "create a post" screen. Instead of showing block to type code in. I just want to fill in forms. Example:
    title: []
    episode number:[]
    season number:[]
    video1: []
    video2: []
    video3: []
    of course choosing the category is already an option.

    1)-List of post links limited by current post's category, season.
    2)-Call a field from a forign table as the current post's FK.
    3)-Next and Previous button cycling through the current category by it's number field. Disabled at end.
    4)-Admin Post creation page as a form that inserts data into the table.

    Is this too much? If it is, I'll accept direct help or references.

  2. SteveYantz
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Bump, I need some sort of push in a direction.
    Even if it's a tutorial to walkthrough the ins and outs of how WordPress works.

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