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  1. Karen
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi! I'm a graphic designer,and occasionally i design wordpress themes, but i do not have knowledge of coding beyond HTML. So i have to rely on a coder to convert my wordpress layouts into fully workable wordpress themes.

    As i have time, and willing to learn, I'd like to know what all things i need to learn to be able to convert my psds into workable wordpress themes. It'll be a dream come true for me, as i'll no longer have to rely on a coder to provide my clients a complete solution.

    So please help me out. :)


  2. robinvd
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Dear Karin,

    As a designer myself I know what you mean. There's only one 'but':

    I'm a design student who has internet experience for over 10 years. Im coding html alot, also for my own company, so keep this in mind.

    What I normaly do:

    Devide your design into 'layers'. Each layer can be a <div></div> element. When markup a document I normaly start with these first.

    If you have all the layers within the <body></body> tags your template is finished. Now you should devide the template into three parts:

    Header.php normaly contains the navigation and maybe header.

    Index.php has all the content you like to change. Think about a sidebar and content text (lorum ipsum=)).

    Here goes your end </html> tag in and the footer of your template.

    I'm afraid if you don't know what im talking about you really need to practice with HTML/CSS first. Or.. you try a simple template and try to configure it to your own template. In my opinion: This takes way longer.

    Tip: wpdesigner.com/ has a full tutorial how to create a template

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