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  • It’s easy to put your website address on your business card, in your email signatures, and on billboards, but how to you link to an article on your site from another article on your site? How do you create a link to a category? Or a page? What is the best way to link your articles and posts together on your site?

    The article, Linking Posts, Pages, and Categories in the WordPress Codex will guide you through the process of creating intrasite linking that won’t break under changing tiles or even changing domain names. It will also help you understand the various ways to link the different posts, categories, and Pages together.

    The WordPress Codex features several hundred articles with information on how to use, modify, and customize WordPress. Take a few minutes to stop in and see what amazing articles and resources WordPress Community volunteers have donated to help WordPress users learn more.

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  • Codex has much improved thanks to great effort by all.

    However this article needs corrected because using the old style p= urls’s when you are also using permalinks will go a long way towards tanking your google rank; because it produces duplicate content to Google. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Permalink structures for links are mentioned in the article, and some site servers and permalinks don’t get along. As for someone who is on one of those servers, my page rank has only been blessed by moving to WordPress, without or without permalinks.

    Shhh….PageRank is a Google product and we’re not supposed to talk about those here. 😉

    @lorelle The point is if you use permalink and you use the recommendation of the article then you will definitely hurt your G’ rankings. I have proved it. Also you can find references to it everywhere.

    Sure your G’rank may have improved. But that has no bearing to this article 🙂

    @tomhanna I don’t think Google minds someone discussing them. It is free marketing for Google 😉

    Lorelle – nice piece there. I wanted to add in that CG-Inline has two cool macros to help users out:

    <! title here:output text here->

    Will generate a link to post 247, using the site permalink format (or none if not using permalink formatting), with the specified link title and output text. If output text is left out, it grabs the post title. if the link title is left out, it uses whatever the output text is (custom or just post title). Kinda neat.

    The other is:


    This simple Inline creates the proper permalink (or normal link) to page 2 of the current post, great for multipage articles. It currently auto-generates the link title as ‘{post title} Page N’ and the link text as ‘Page N’ — OR, if you have my CG-PageName plugin instlled, it’ll auto-grab the textual-name of the page and set the link text to be whatever you named the page.

    Anyway, thought I’d add those in as helpful ‘shortcuts’ for users for whom writing out long permalink structures for links is a pain. Lord knows it was for me, that’s why I wrote those Inlines! 😉


    Also of interest for internal links:

    @davidchait I can never remember my permalink id’s 🙁
    I am sure someone with better memory can say – hey this post is linked to my post 35, 746, 736.
    That is the crux of my problem with using permalink based solutions.

    I would like to have a dropdown to choose from 🙂

    Well, that’s what CG-Related is useful for… 😉 You can go explicitly set relations between posts.

    I don’t remember my permalink IDs either. I just go to a post I want to link to an look at what the ID is. Then enter it into the post I’m writing. Tabbed FireFox makes that easy to do.

    And when you have hundreds of posts (or thousands), a dropdown simply isn’t useful. It’s faster for you to use normal site navigation to find the post of interest and copy down an ID. (Actually, that’s why CG-Related has suck a wacky interface — I found it easier to use normal site-nav to find and relate posts with some extra buttons in the layout than to have a completely separate interface created… again, normal site-nav is faster for getting you where you want.).


    Drop down is still useful when coupled with a search.
    No Sir, I would never settle for linking with my posts 499 & 2352 😉

    Thanks for info.

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