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  • Hi,
    I’ve just spent the last week changing my site from all html to WordPress and I am very pleased with it all. Thanks heaps to WordPress and this forum for making this all possible.
    My only real hassle at this stage is that I cannot find info about certain topics – specifically setups for newbies.
    For instance – I am trying to work out this whole permalink option and the geourl as well but I simply do not know enough yet. I openly admit I am not very php literate and wish I could find some simple explanations for these kind of issues.
    Please take a look at my site at
    and let me know what you think. I am fully aware that there are probably lots of errors but I am slowly working my way through as I learn WordPress bit by bit…

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    That’ll do the geourl bit 🙂
    Please scroll down on that page to find help regarding those admin options. I would like to know (As the author) how to improve the help too, when you are done 🙂

    Thanks for the links re: documentation
    is it that bad that no one will make a comment about the site? Ohhhh nooooooooo
    Kick me, abuse me, give it your worst – but please tell me what you think….

    Thanks for your comments Lilandra 🙂
    Is opening in new pages a problem then? May I ask why?

    well, i don’t mind it that much cuz i usually open them in new tabs
    i’m not the strict person, but i think maybe that’s not strict xhtml (of course i could be wrong)
    but i like it!!

    Thanks for taking the time to give me your opinions. I must admit I am still confused about this new window issue. It must just be a personal matter. Judging by comments in this forum and elsewhere – it is 50/50 as to what is best.
    However, being totally XHTML 1.1 illiterate, are you saying that the option for opening links in a new window is now redundant – or should I be using some other code other than the target”_blank” option?

    So now I realise I have made a mistake in using the target=”_blank” code and want to change it from here on in. Life is one big learning curve they say.
    I still do not adhere to the idea that opening a new window is unfriendly to users, so I will continue to use this method until I can see the merits in doing otherwise.
    But here’s the problem:
    As I have probably more than 1000 links already placed in my site that use target=”_blank” is there any easy method to change them in one step – or is it a matter of manually changing each and every one? (This is something that is not going to happen). I do not only have them in my link list – they are dotted all over the site in posts etc.
    Also, when putting the ‘rel’ tag in manually what exactly do I need to type?
    Working on a link which presently looks like this
    Link to my site
    what would this line now become?
    Thanks for your help/patience in this forum. It is much appreciated.

    mmm that was dumb of me…AGAIN!
    link like this ‘[a href=”” target=”_blank”] Link to my site

    i don’t know about the rel
    but if you have a target=”_blank” you can do a find and replace on all in most text editors on all your files…
    and yeah it’s a chore but i know of one guy who’s doing lots of stuff just to get his site to validate so i guess it’s what you want..

    Thanks for your help Lilandra 🙂
    I am about ready to give up with all this….I just don’t know enough when it comes to working with WordPress and php…
    I am trying to change over my link and category areas so that they are reversed in order but every time I try all the fonts go out of whack – one is huge and one is small – when I am aiming to keep them the same.
    I have tried everything I know to get it to work – all to no avail.
    It’s driving me nuts!
    Here’s another silly question about replacing the target code…
    How can I do that when all the files are on the server and how do I know which files to use?
    Sorry for all the questions – I’m lost.

    wait let me look at your site…and do you have IM?

    do you see these bits of code?
    this is for links
    <?php get_links_list(); ?>
    and this is for categories
    <li id=”categories”><?php _e(“Categories:”); ?>

      <?php wp_list_cats(); ?>

    you should be able to just put the links one where the categories one is and the categories one where the links one was…because you don’t mess with it specifically in your css
    i think…try?

    re links: are these links in your blog entries? or actually on your index page?
    because silly me, if it’s on the blog entries that might entail you doing it for all of them individually
    and you can just make the decision to be xhtml compliant from now on…
    or not.

    WOW Lily….you are exceptional!!!
    Thanks for all your help and getting it all sorted out for me…
    Kudos kudos kudos
    woohooo… :):):)

    I know we got side tracked into new windows but someone needs to say it: That is a very fine blog indeed. Really creative content – years of work. Big up.

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