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  • Okay, the review title is a little extreme but I don’t understand whats with some many negative reviews. I briefly installed the Gutenberg plugin on test site that I am currently building and did not see any immediate red flags. Yes the layout is very different, but it’s clean and intuitive.

    It’s seems like it would work well on tablets (not tested). Elements are tucked away in different places but after several minutes I could quickly find what I was looking for. In addition I use Beaver Builder and Bootstrap 3.7 and found no issues. I suppose if complaining makes you feel better go for it.

    It reminds of whenever bigger tech companies make change like facebook or twitter, at first every is upset about the new design but eventually you learn to adapt. And people will adapt. WordPress is one of the greatest tools on the web today, because of WordPress I am able to feed my family and have a roof over my head.

    Give the developers a break and let’s try something new.

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  • When Vista came out, Windows people either kept using XP or switched to Linux or Mac. Anyway it is always refreshing to see such kind attitude towards people who prefer freedom of choices. How’s the weather in Pyongyang?

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    Thanks for the review. The title is catchy. 😉

    The existing editor hasn’t changed for 10+ years. The ideas being introduced via Gutenberg is akin to opening the windows (yeah, Microsoft pun sorry) and letting some fresh air in.

    When Vista came out, Windows people either kept using XP or switched to Linux or Mac.

    Sure, but eventually iteration happened. Windows 7 satisfied many people later on. That’s why Gutenberg is being tested and feedback is encouraged.

    Do me a favor though, please refrain from comments like this one.

    How’s the weather in Pyongyang?

    That’s inflammatory and not necessary. As to freedom of choices, it’s already understood that the Classical Plugin will maintain the existing editor.

    When the Gutenberg switch eventually happens, it will preserve the user’s experience with the old editor.

    When the Gutenberg switch eventually happens, it will preserve the user’s experience with the old editor.

    Where do you see that? From my understanding once v5 releases there will be no classic editor (thats just part of this plug in for testing so your site doesn’t completely break) plugins will not be backwards compatible and will be scrapped or need to be rethought out and rewritten… Most of the niche ones with limited budgets wont bother. Shortcodes will be a thing of the past so I have no idea what will happen to the big players such as woocommerce.

    If you have an article stating different I would love to read it as I am sure everyone else with negative comments would too. What you are saying though is if you do’t want to use it when v5 is released you don’t have to… that is completely wrong and not the point of the update… the update is to completely change the core of wordpress to make it more like wix.

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    It is in deed an interesting title but I think it is needed, specially these days when it seems that the easiest way to go about Gutenberg is to amplify the cons.

    When I became a fan of WordPress in 2008, I not only liked the mission to democratize publishing but also the fact that it is open source.

    In my own observations as to how other people would interact with WordPress for content creation, it was sort of a struggle to realize that not all people understand HTML (not that they have to) and this also meant that I had to explain certain things that are just not possible without going into the code.

    I have been able to experience the tremendous potential that WordPress has over the years. I personally like the concept and what the project will bring to the table in terms of user experience and content creation.

    I know this means that it will implicate some other consequences in relation to other plugins, theme development and even educating users. But I still think it is the way to go.

    Therefore I support Gutenberg!

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