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  • I know almost nothing about WordPress. I know html, css, js, and a fair amount of asp and php, but I haven’t been in that business for years. I’m now a woodworker at a pipe organ company. Given my slightly technical background, I’ve been put in charge of the website, which is static html. It’s difficult to edit, so I’m the only one there who can make changes. I’ll be leaving the company at some point and before I do, I want to give them an easy way to administer and edit the site. I have two weeks to spend on the task. It seems like a good opportunity to learn WP by converting the existing site to an exact replica built in WP. But as much as I’d like to learn WP, the website—and the pipe organ company—might be better served with a simple custom admin area.

    So anyway, take a look at this site:

    1. Is it a good candidate for a WP conversion?
    2. Is it feasible for a WP noob to do it in 2 weeks?
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    1) Sure.

    2) Miiiight be a little close, since you’ll need a fairly custom theme.

    Hi, I really like the look of your site. I’m sure you could add a blog section into your existing site very easily simply linking from your existing left hand menu, the site is interesting because of its simplicity. Very stylish.
    If you know css then I’m sure you could find an existing theme to tweak
    and maybe a header to match the existing artwork. The graphics are beautiful. Good luck with the project.

    1. Yes, based on the relative simplicity of the site’s structure and content, WP is a great choice.

    2. I believe 2 weeks is doable if you are as tech savvy as you say you are (by that I mean having technical experience and a no fear attitude). One big variable is how much time you have within those two weeks.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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