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  • Dear users (and developers) of SEO Backlink Monitor,

    The bad raters of this plugin just have no idea what they’re talking about, and I want to correct their false-assumptions about this plugin.

    SEO Backlink Monitor does exactly what it’s meant for. Admins enter the most important backlinks manually into it, by adding the link source, target and (optional) a description.

    The plugin then checks, if those links still exists, and shows their status. There a some settings an a mass import feature. You can check them automatically or trigger the link-check manually. That’s actually all.

    What it doesn’t do is, fetch your backlinks from other SEO tools. This is just not, what it was made for. And that’s okay, since all the Sistrix, Majestics and Ahrefs out there find a lot of useless garbage links created by scrapers and bots. As a serious SEO expert, you wouldn’t want a plugin to bloat your database with that. You instead will want to select the most powerful and precious links for monitoring.

    So, what’s the benefit? It helps you keep an eye on your hard-earned backlinks. If you lose one, you can intervene and ask the webmaster for a reason. Some backlinks disappear by accident, and you will never know if you don’t track them. This is where SEO Backlink Monitor comes in handy!

    How to use? Install it on all your WP websites. Enter all backlinks to the specific website you happen to find (or manage to organize). From time to time, let the plugin check your (hopefully growing) list of backlinks. This way, you can be sure not to lose links or waste time organizing links that silently disappear after a while.

    A word to the developers…
    Please keep developing this important SEO tool! It’s unique in the WP ecosystem.


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