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  • I am wondering if anyone knows of any plugin(s) that allow for the ability to manage soccer teams and leagues.

    Ideally, I would like to get this setup so that per league, players can opt-in/opt-out for the league per team, then opt-in/opt-out for individual games as well, pay for the leagues (paypal would be fine), and of course view the leagues schedule. Any other ideas on that? I am probably going to have to custom develop something to get all the above features, but I dont know if I am going to have the time and wanted to see if anything else might exist.

    Basically I have a website that I am trying to setup that will be the “go to” place for info for soccer leagues and even pickup games in our area.


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  • elodahl


    Have you had any luck finding anything?
    I have a similar project brewing.
    thanks, eric



    Nope, no luck at all. =/

    I am looking for a similar plugin. What is your expertise with writing these plugins ? Would you be willing to work with me to develop a plugin that works for both of our needs ?

    Specifically, I am setting this up for a swim team.


    Cant remember the name of the plugin, but there is already something out there specifically for swim teams.

    This project is just a personal one, so its had to take the backseat to actual paying projects for now.


    If you could help me find it , this is something I would really like to build upon — the for-profit systems are out of reach for my small team regarding cost. ( $60+ per mo )

    These are :

    Hi, I manage a league with WP and the tricky use of some plugins. The league is an online driving simulator event manager, with charts, events calendar and so on, take a look:

    P.S. I’m not a php programmer but I had to modify some plugins for my needs.


    How is that helpful without you providing directions on how to do it and a list of plugins that you used? Right now your post just seems spammy.

    @macscr: U are right, but I didn’t want to waste my time explaining something useless or totally different from Your needs…
    Plugins active on my site:

    • Events Manager
    • Profiler
    • Register Plus
    • User Photo
    • WP Wall
    • Sendit!

    And many others not really necessary…

    • Theme My Login
    • Theme My Profile
    • WP-Polls
Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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