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  • Hi,

    I am trying to get leaguemanager set up on my site and i was wondering if someone could help me with the scoring system.

    I want to be able to mark the score of a match as 8-1 and the table update with the numbers added as the score so for example

    initial table

    team a 0
    team b 0

    match – team a win 8 – 1

    updated table

    team a 8
    team b 1

    Does anyone know how to set it up to do this or how it needs to be coded to make it do this?

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  • l8gravely


    I don’t know how to do it either, but I wanted to reply and get people’s opinions on how to add more scoring options to LeagueManager, specifically Co-Ed matches?

    In our Soccer league, teams that play with a woman in a game get a point added to their standings. Since a win is six points, it’s a big incentive to get more women playing in the league.

    Right now I’ve copied sports/soccer.php to sports/soccer-coed.php and I’m busy trying to hack in support. I’d appreciate hearing what other’s think?

    Another change is that we don’t keep track of score by half, just the ending score. Not sure how big a deal that really is, or if other leagues do the same thing.




    I also would like help. Mine should theoretically be a simple fix, all I want to do is create a league (or a sport) that instead of counting wins and losses, adds up the total goals for each team.

    Obviously this is not for a sport. I’m trying to use League manager to record miniature gaming tournaments (Warhammer) and you get different amounts of victory points based on the scoring margin.



    Well, I’ve started to hack a new module called “Soccer-coed” for my purposes. I’ll post it once it’s working better. Right now, it’s not generating the input fields properly on the form to let you easily toggle coed or not.

    It would be nice if the Soccer module would support setup options so that you could customize it more easily to support different scoring methods.

    For example, I don’t care about half-time scores at all, but I do care about Co-ed or not games. So ideally, you could just decide to use the soccer modele, and then enable/disable options as you liked.

    I think I need to also update the DB for the plugin so that it stores the coed status properly. Still poking.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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