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  • I have problems with the French translation of Leaf for the admin section.
    The menu title “Leaf Option” is well translated, but all other strings in the option page are not.
    I’ve tried on a fresh new install of WP 3.5.1-fr, and also to renew the po/mo files with Poedit.

    I do not see the problem :\
    Did you experiencing this problem with other languages ?

    Thx in advance

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  • I also cannot get the French translation to work with the Leaf theme.

    Great that the french translation is provided but there’s something wrong somewhere.
    I’ve loaded the po file in poedit and created a new output file, but that
    also doesn’t work.
    I’ve tried several recommendation for loading a theme translation file by editing the relevant php file from the Leaf theme, but that also didn’t help. I’m curious what the solution is for this problem.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins



    You can create your own thread for support with your issue.

    Maybe should recreate a complete translation of the theme or use a translation plugin, perhaps the administration part is not intended for translation po and mo often does not reflect the administration part, must be translated directly into files , then you need a child theme

    Hello wp-aj, parlez-vous Français ?
    Is your problem only on the admin section ?
    I have made the same research as you, also in the WP l10n code, without understanding what the problem is…

    @noaneo the po files contains all the strings for the admin section, and the code is ready for translation ( e.g. theme-options.php )

    @andrew imho my problem and wp-aj problem seems to be the same.

    Salut AurelBz,

    Unfortunately my french language knowledge is very minimal.

    The problem is at a website for some friends of mine, and they are
    not so good with computer things.

    I have set fr_FR as WPLANG, and WordPress things are all in French (like the admin dashboard, and things like “Articles récents” in the widgets are in French as well, but things like “More articles” and “Search” and “Full article” from the Leaf theme are not getting translated.

    The website runs on Debian Linux with WordPress 3.3.2 on it.
    I have enabled the locales for fr utf-8 and some others for fr,
    and done some php gettext tests that I came across.

    For now I have translated those last three things in home.php from
    the Leaf theme manually.


    Oh, and in the admin dashboard everything is in French except the Leaf options in the theme settings part, which is in english.

    I responded to the question from AurelBz because I thought we have the same problem, and to show that there’s more people with the same problem. A few days ago I also read another post from someone who could not get the French translation for the Leaf theme to work, and there was no solution for that 🙁


    To precise : for me, only the “Leaf Options” page is not translated ( except the menu title and the title : “Options Leaf” !? ). Despite the strings are presents in .po file.

    For the rest, I’ve also remark some rare missing/erroneous strings.
    ( For “Search” it’s “Search…” )
    Try these :

    #: content.php:44
    msgid "Full Article"
    msgstr "Article entier"
    #: home.php:189
    msgid "More Articles"
    msgstr "Autres Articles"
    #: comments.php:30
    msgid "One thought on “%2$s”"
    msgstr "Un commentaire sur “%2$s”"
    #: comments.php:30
    msgid "%1$s thoughts on “%2$s”"
    msgstr "%1$s commentaires sur “%2$s”"
    #: searchform.php:13
    msgid "Search..."
    msgstr ""

    I’m collecting these translation problems and I will submit them to the theme author on github.

    I just download the fr_FR mo and po for the theme Twenty-Ten here and did a test with the Twenty-Ten theme version from around that time.
    In that test everything is in french. The search button text is in french and the search results : shows “Résultats de la recherche :”.
    So there’s no software problem in my setup regarding translation.

    But for the Leaf theme it is still all in english :
    “Search…” and “Search Results for:”.

    I’ve used poedit software for the fr_FR.po file and created a new for the Leaf theme, with the same result (all in english).

    How to get it working ?


    try with these po/mo files and let us know

    Thanks AurelBz. Those po/mo files are for Wordpres 3.4.x, and not for the Leaf theme though.

    I’ve just done some more testing.
    With Leaf version 1.0 the french translation works much better.
    Not for the Search button text but for example “powered by WordPress” gets translated, as well as “More articles” and “Full article”.
    (Most of the admin “Leaf options” part does not get translated)

    I’ve been trying a few times to manually create a new file with poedit, and that failed each time to translate anything at all.

    Conclusion : With Leaf version 1.0 the french po/mo worked pretty well
    for the webpages but not the small “Leaf options” admin part.

    With Leaf version 1.0.4 nothing seems to get translated into french with the supplied po/mo files or new po/mo files based on leaf.pot.

    By the way. Here’s the other post I mentioned above :

    I tried his suggestion
    >>I tried in “Poedit” option “update from a file .POT”<<
    but that didn’t help.

    I did not take good files.

    These are my po/mo files for Leaf 1.0 ( Github master )

    Great, thanks a lot! This is much better, almost everything in french on the front-page now, and part of the admin “Leaf options” is in french. Thanks AurelBz! Regards, AJ

    I put the file in languages ​​/ but the theme remains in English, why?
    thank you

    hi noaneo,

    your WordPress is configured in fr ?

    Locate this in wp-config.php

    define('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');


    il est en français avec les thèmes par défaut.
    que j’utilise le thème Leaf ou le thème enfant à part de ce thème pareil.

    it is in French with the default themes.
    I use the Leaf theme or child theme to share this same theme

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