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    Hi There,

    I can’t get the leads from the form to go into Salesforce. I stripped it down to the most basic fields but none of the info is showing up in the leads.

    I’m using the fork version with the different field types that you have on GitHub (although right now I’ve stripped it down to a few basic fields).

    I’m not sure where to go from here – can you please help? The form is here on a development site:

    I’m not familiar with Salesforce but I’m working with one of their employees who works in Salesforce a fair amount and neither of us can find the problem.

    Thanks for your help,

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  • An update:

    I have the page here now:

    The client contact I’m working with is not as proficient in Salesforce as I’d thought, so we have some fields that are not in the Leads area that we have on the form. He is trying to figure out how to make them match fields they have in other tables so the info can move over. I’m wondering if this is the reason why the form submissions aren’t showing up in their Leads? Do ALL fields have to map directly, or will it transfer fields that match and disregard other data coming through that doesn’t match a field?

    Another problem might be that they have a Sandbox set up with Salesforce where they are trying different things. Will that mess up info coming over from this plugin on the website?

    Thanks for you answers on the other post!


    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    we have some fields that are not in the Leads area that we have on the form

    The fields have to be on the Lead Fields screen to be writable by the plugin. Fields in other areas are not accessible via the web to lead api. You’ll need to create the fields needed in the Lead Fields and map them to the other fields when the lead becomes a customer (or whatever workflow you have).

    These are the fields you can use:


    (add this URL fragement to the end of your salesforce server domain, e.g.

    It’ll transfer what matches and discard the rest.

    Sandbox shouldn’t be an issue, but you can check by setting up a developer account and testing with that (I use a dev account to test the plugin).

    Thanks for the great plugin, I would like to ask a question, maybe you can help me.

    Can I customize the Lead Fields to so that the fields are displayed in the Lead Detail depending on form of plugin, from which the data came ( ID, which we have provided a shortcode, for example, the field in the Lead Detail form [salesforce form = “3”] differed from the fields [salesforce form = “1”])?

    Thank you for your response.

    Plugin Author Stony Grunow


    Hi Miro

    If I understand your question, you want a different layout or arrangement of fields on your Lead record. This is possible if you have Salesforce Enterprise or higher, or if you have Professional with the ‘Profiles and Page Layouts’ upgrade (which is occasionally given for free when you first sign up). So you can, in Salesforce, have different fields show up on different layouts.

    However, even if you had that, you’d then need another Salesforce Feature called Workflows and Approvals. It’s Workflow you need out of that – workflow would set the record type, which in turn would set the Page Layout, all based on what form the user had submitted.

    But unless you have or plan on getting Salesforce Enterprise (or higher), there’s not much you can do.

    best of luck

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