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    Hi Paul. First up, thank you! I love your work.

    Second up, I apologize if any of the following comments are addressed in your support docs. I looked through and can’t find anything. I have just a few questions / suggestions, if you don’t mind.

    1) Does the plugin have a leaderboard shortcode I’ve missed? I’d like to create a page which ranks my users by karma points, essentially creating a top ten list (or whatever) of my most engaged users.

    2) With the list of achievements page, I note that it sorts alphabetically. This logic isn’t optimal imho. It’d be great if I could sort it by karma points or by user defined rank.

    3) Would it be possible to create a link that goes next to a persons avatar pic in comments that allows people to click and see what badges they have earned? It’d be great if users’ achievements could be visible in some way next to their comments.

    4) Any chance of a widget which lists a users achievements in the sidebar, and also incorporates an optional link that goes straight through to a leaderboard? In other words, the user can see their achievements in the sidebar (perhaps with tiny thumbnails of badges?) and can click to go see their rank.

    5) A super awesome feature would be the ability to create a page within your plugin that maps karma points to various rewards / privileges. (ie if you have earnt 25 karma points you will be granted access to a new area of the site).

    The absence of these features in no way detracts from the awesomeness of what you’ve achieved with this plugin! Thanks so much for your efforts. I love it.


    PS. Oh one final question – with my achievement edit screen I cannot enable featured image (even under screen options). Any theory on why this might be? It doesn’t greatly affect me as I can simply insert a badge image, but I just found it odd that it does not appear.

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs




    1) Not yet. Soon™.

    2) So, I’m not convinced. Karma points (the values of) aren’t meant to be particuarly important. The fact that the user has unlocked an achievement is intended to be the most important. Sorting by default by points would give prominence to the wrong thing (I think it actually sorts by the last created achievement, but I might be remembering wrong).

    Are you saying you’d like the columns to be sortable (i.e. javascript / click on column headers), or the default sort order changed?

    3) This is getting asked increasingly often, so I’m going to work on this sort of thing for a future release.

    4) Widgets and things coming in some future release. Something like this will happen at some point.

    5) Maybe — but I don’t want the points to become a virtual currency, and I surely don’t want to mess around with access permissions for content 🙂

    6) Your theme doesn’t support post thumbnails. I tried creating a ticket in WordPress core this to be changed, but I wasn’t warmly received so I gave up:

    Gday Paul

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    1. Awesome (c)

    2. I hear what you are saying that it would be missing the point to make it all about karma points, but right now the achievements sort in alpha order, and this makes it quite tricky to make the list of achievements compelling. The psychology of leveling up (to my mind at least) works better if the list starts with a lesser achievement and then notches up through to bigger achievements. Let me give you an example. Lets say i set up 3 rewards. a blog initiate at 1 post, a blog bandit at 3 posts and a blog crusader at 10 blogs. (whatever you get the idea 🙂 ). At the moment the list will sort down the page as blog bandit, blog crusader and blog initiate. It doesnt feel as compelling.

    3. Massive yay. that would kick arse.

    4. see point 3.

    5. youre the genius making this stuff, so i gotta live with your vision. However i feel that the karma points would be incredibly effective psychologically if they either linked to a leaderboard concept (tapping into the ancient human impulse to compete) and/or to a earning points to get something cool concept (tapping into the equally ancient human impulse to acquire). Clearly I was not cut out to be a Buddhist monk! 🙂

    6. Hmm ok. i can do regular post featured images though. it just doesnt appear for this plugin.

    7. (new point). even if you ignore all my thoughts I still think youve created something marvellous. Its the best of the lot imho. Thanks for creating something so effective and fun.


    oh addendum point to 5 – it need not mess with actually facilitating access permissions. That could just be administered by the site owner. (ie if it were access to premium content – i could just manually trigger it once the person got the points and sent me a submission form built into the badge page). All it would really need to be is a showcase of options of what karma points can do. Peace out.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    6. Really? Sounds potentially buggy then. Which theme are you using so I can test it?

    Not ignoring you! Agree with leaderboards, which is why that’s coming in a future release.

    +1 for leaderboard functionality!

    I am actually using the plugin, not so much for promoting online content creation/interaction, but for representing ‘achievements’ in real life. I am running a cycling club website where we are awarding karma points for participation in certain events (rides, charity, races, etc.)–usually through unique code redemption for an event based achievement which corresponds to the real-life event. At the end of the quarter (3 months) the top 3 people with the most karma points get some sort of prize (gift certificate, bike gear, etc.).

    So for the way I am using Achievements, a leaderboard function or page would be perfect! Now I (as the admin) have to manually tabulate everyone’s karma points!

    Thanks for all the work! Great plugin so far, and I looking forward to any improvements.

    6. It’s called “website – responsive wordpress theme” by Kuba Sto.

    8. Just for fun – here’s one of my achievements: 😛
    “If you are one of the rare few who can truly go the distance; if you are that person who through great adversity can just keep on generating content for the site, then one day you might find yourself writing your 13th blog post. The instant the post gets submitted you will hear a small, but distinct knocking at your door. Upon answering it a small, brown house elf will walk inside and present you with an ornate parchment. What will the parchment say? “Congratulations! You are now a Blogging High Poobah of Alliterative Alacrity, and your name will be celebrated in all the land.” The house elf will then spend the rest of its days following you around singing songs of your wonder to all who will listen. Blogging High Poobahs are also featured on a special bloggers page on the site. Because you will have earnt it.”

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Can you email me at paul/byotos/com so we can discuss about that theme? Thank you.

    A +1 for the leaderboard with a twist:
    – BuddyPress group specific leaderboard > filtered to group members only

    You’ve probably already thought of the foursquare style of leaderboard where on one’s profile you can see the adjacent ranked friends (up to a couple ahead and one below yourself). If you haven’t, this would be a nice-to-have feature.

    If I’ve mentioned these ideas before, apologies for the repetition. It’s just that we’re so excited about the forthcoming developments and making our communities rock.

    Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for a bloody brilliant plugin.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    I don’t use foursquare, so I haven’t seen it before. Any chance you can link me or send a screenshot? Would be cool. Thanks

    A screenshot at

    As you can see, I haven’t used foursquare much recently! But I like the adjacent member / friend leaderboard feature. I think it can add competitive motivation for some members.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Thanks Vernon

    me and my friend do not use this plugin only because there aren’t “leaderboard” / “public achievements” features… keep up the good work ! We are waiting this important update =)

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Going back to the OP’s questions about being unable to pick a featured image for their achievements. Their theme does indeed support featured images, but only for a very specific set of post types (‘post’, ‘page’, ‘slider-item’, ‘portfolio-item’, ‘product’).

    Needless to say, Achievements post type wasn’t included in this array, so adding “achievement” to the add_theme_support() call in the theme’s functions.php fixed the problem.

    Hi Paul,

    Great work on the plugin to date.

    Only feature missing that I think is essential is the leaderboard functionality for reasons already outlined on this thread.

    It would be GREAT if this could be introduced in near future releases, also looking forward to a widget…

    Donation coming soon! Keep up the good work,


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