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  • As best I can tell the Infusionsoft lead source tracking breaks with GF + Infusionsoft add-on. it would be great to make lead source tracking work automatically with this plugin (i don’t know if that’s technically feasible). Has anyone done a successful workaround for this (passing hidden form values or other approach)?

    The most ideal solution would be to embed something in the add-on itself that checked for the ‘?ls=XXX’ parameter and automatically set it in the contact record in IS via the API.

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  • It works now.

    Add a field. Select the “Allow field to be populated dynamically”, enter the name of the query parameter (ls in your case). GF will add this query parameter to the query parameter list and populate the field when the form loads.

    If you want the field hidden, set a CSS class (e.g. “hide”) also. Define the class in your theme’s CSS as
    .hide { display: none; }

    Map the field to the Lead Source contact field.

    Make sure your form has email and first name field(s)

    @jchimene thanks for your help. This works for me… sort of.

    Apparently we can populate the “Lead Source” field in IS but not the Lead Source via passing the LSid.

    So the way to do this is what you described only instead of passing the ID value, pass the full name of the lead source (and obviously use URLencoded formatting)

    If anyone knows how to make it work using the lsID, let me know. I tried it and it wouldn’t pass for me that way. Screencast here that reproduces the issue:

    Thx again for your help @jchimene. this is an adequate solution so at least we have some tracking now. cheers

    Oh and the other thing this unfortunately doesn’t achieve is if visitor gets sent to URL/landingpage?ls=whatever
    then they click through to /signuppage
    and enter their info there, it loses the lead source tracking.

    Anyways, at least the solution proposed gives us a way to track for the people who signup directly via the link used which is better than what we had before. thx

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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