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  • I really can’t find the code or the use for the “Lead Image” in the “Lead story” in Branford Magazine. Any clues?

    Further I don’t understand how to activate or even use the featured article.

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  • 4K – I did! But I dind’t find any answere. And in the forums most of the postings are in German, and I am not that good in German.

    I solved it. I have to link up images in the custom fields.

    The tutorials on the site are worse than useless. I don’t speak German either!

    Can you give a little more detail on how to do the linking of the images in the custom fields? I’m a complete newbie at WP and my old coding skills are just that. Old. Thanks.

    it is a little hard to figure out especially if you aren’t willing to study it.

    Anyway in index php look something like this

    <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>"><img src="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-content/uploads/<?php
    // this is where the Lead Story image gets printed
    	$values = get_post_custom_values("Leadimage"); echo $values[0]; ?>" alt="" id="leadpic" /></a>

    see where it says Leadimage? put that as your key and then looking at your image url

    put everything after uploads NOT including the forward slash in the value section.

    then look for featured-article-image and add it just as you see it and so on.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    The guy who developed that theme speaks perfectly fine English, so you shouldn’t have any language barriers there.

    I had the same problem.

    The challenges of using Branford Magazine led me to write an ebook about it. It’s 56+ pages long… possibly more than you need to know about using that theme, or the Mimbo theme. That said, Michael Oeser, the creator of Branford Magazine, recommends it.

    But, I share (free) installation and use tips at both my site, and the site that supports my book: Sites that Soar!

    To answer this particular question:

    1. In the Write Post screen, scroll down to Custom Fields. (Expand that section if it’s just one line. Click on the dark blue bar just to the left of the word “Custom”…it has a little arrowhead in it. That expands that section.)

    2. If this is your first time using a Custom Field, and if you want to add a lead image, type “leadimage” into the form section where it says “Key” and be sure that it’s one word (“leadimage” not “lead image”).

    If you’ve used “leadimage” before, select it in the “Select” menu, in the Custom Fields part of the screen. It’s to the left of where it says “Key.”)

    3. To the right of that, in the textbox below the word “Value” in the Custom Fields section, you’ll enter part of the URL of your image. (I’ll explain that, next.)

    4. In WP 2.5, to get the correct part of the image URL, find the image in your “Add Media” image files. Select the image that you’d like to include, and click on “Show” and then scroll down to where it says “Link URL.” Put your cursor in the form section where the URL actually is.

    (In WP 2.3.3, select the image in the Upload/Browse All panel. That’s on the Write Post screen, directly below where you write your actual post. Click on the word “Edit” just to the right of the image name. Then, put your cursor in the form section with the URL in it.)

    5. With your cursor hovering on top of the URL, click the “end” key on your keyboard. (Or, scroll over the URL until you reach the very end of it.)

    6. Select everything AFTER where it says /uploads/. (Do NOT include the forward slash after the word “uploads.”)

    So, if the URL is
    you’ll highlight JUST this part:

    7. Copy that part of the URL.

    8. Paste it into the “Value” section of your Custom Fields, in your Write Post screen.

    9. Click on the button that says “Add Custom Field.”

    That’s all there is to it.

    The lead image can be any size. (If it’s too big or too small, it’ll look a little odd. Try it and see how it looks… you can always change it, later.)

    However, in Branford Magazine, your “featuredarticleimage” should probably be 255 pixels wide and 88 pixels tall.

    Your “rightcolimage” should probably be 75 pixels by 75 pixels.

    I have free templates (and some free graphics) for the Featured and right column images, here:

    I hope this helps!


    He may speak perfectly good English, and I have to admit I speak no German … however, if the tutorial is presented in German, then the prior posters most certainly will have a problem with it.

    Eibhlin’s post was very clear and understandable, and I appreciate his or her presentation skills.

    Branford Magazine is a beautiful theme, as displayed on it’s home page and on Eibhlin’s page “Sites That Soar,” but the tutorials are woefully weak. I’ll be buying the “Site’s That Soar” ebook as soon as possible.


    me too had the same problem…leadimage,featuredarticleimage and all not coming to post. I had done all the custom field correctly.

    a box with leadimage text is coming in posts

    I’ve done everything written here and I still can’t get an image to show up on the front (Lead Article) box.

    What could I be doing wrong? I see a small box with the word: “Image” in it but that’s all.

    In case someone else comes looking….

    My problem was solved by typing in the entire URL in the condition box instead of a shortened version which is what most of the instructions use.

    I have been reading everything I can find about this topic, I have also tried everything, however I suspect there is more to my situation. For some reason not only do the images NOT show up in any of the custom fields, but the expert nor the image will show on the Lead Article, I changed the names of the tabs, however from what I gather this should not effect this. I should add this problem had occurred before hand.
    I also noticed that my version of WP 2.6.5 does not display category IDs.
    Is there some thing I should be doing in the code to compensate?

    PLEASE help!

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