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    Lazy Load works by replacing all image tags with placeholders, and then issuing javascript commands to load them lazily. This won’t work with the image wall. Nothing is impossible with software design, and working together with the lazy load team, perhaps it could be solved, but it is too much work quite honestly.

    Do Lazy Load allow you to disable the plugin on certain pages? If so, then that would be your solution.

    Another note: The Image Wall is already, in a sense, loading the content lazily as it only load new images as you scroll down.

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Setting this to resolved. There is a known issue of some plugins not working with the image wall, but that is to be expected and it is not something that, unless I’m paid for it, I am planning to change.

    Hi WPElliott – I’ve hit his same problem – did you manage to resolve ?

    Hi Parakoos – yes, I agree that your great plugin has a lazy-load of its own built in, so no need of a separate system.

    My problem is the same – first page of images loads OK, but scrolling down just shows empty space. So I thought I’d hit on a solution – the well-reviewed PLUGIN ORGANIZER, that I’d been meaning to implement on my site for a while but not got round to it –

    Plugin Organizr cleverly allows you to disable specific plugins on specific pages – it works well, however when I set it to not load LAZY LOAD on my IMAGE WALL page, it doesn’t seem to help at all, and the results are the same.

    Anyone else managed to get Image Wall and Lazy Load to play together ?

    Yes, I solved the problem by switching to:

    great – thanks for your quick reply – I will check it out. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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