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  • Hello there.

    I use JSL3 Facebook for WordPress because i can customize the CSS, and I think the plugin is doing VERY well! Love it cause of that

    But I have a question I hope somebody will help me with. Also I want the authors attention, and I hope I will get 🙂

    My question is: Could there be done some changes to the plugin, so it’s contain jQyery and lazy load functions? I would be happy for those functions.

    Don’t have that much experience in JavaScript and jQuery. And I’ve search on the internet for lazyload that content, and I can’t find anything.

    Is it possible to do so?

    The reason I’m asking, is about this site:

    It’s a bit slow with the plugin activated. When I deactivated the plugin, my speed is gaining up to 1.8 sek (right now the speed is 2.5-3 sek – if is disable the plugin, it’s down under 1 or max 1.3)

    It could be great if the Facebook content only is loading, when the user scroll down to the page.

    Or else

    Make a click button with “Click here for Status Updates on Facebook” and then when a user is click on the button, the content should load.

    And I think that’s a Lazy Load function, or something.

    I know it’s a big thing to deploy this in the plugin. And I know time is money. If that’s the answer, could someone in here explain me more about jQyery and Lazyload?

    I also want to lazy load images, and social icons (shares from Facebook)

    Hope someone knows what i’m talking about 🙂

    Best regards
    Michael from Denmark

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