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  • Hey I’ve tried searching haven’t been able to find an asnwer.

    Is it possible to give the gallery folders thumbnails themselves… so my “rave” gallery for instance could have a picture resembling that isntead of just text, its probaly been asnwered before but I can’t find anything.

    *edit* grrr this was not meant to be put under instalation but I can’t see anything to change it.

    Since I am editing, I also have a problem with the “content” div in the lazy gallery displaying a bg image from my themes “content” div.. so theres a bag image in the middle of the gallery’s, what files do I edit from lazy gallery to rename the “content” div to say gcontent or soemthing.. or is there a better way.. like a simple css edit.. I dunno

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  • ding

    not happy jan

    Ok solved second prob by just renaming the

    <div id=”content” class=”narrowcolumn”> to
    <div id=”gcontent” class=”narrowcolumn”>

    in lazy-index.php

    Any help on thumbnailes for gallery folders would still be appreciated.


    There are many other lazy gallery responses. Did you search and browse through them?
    What version of lazy-gallery are you using?
    And there is a way. I just don’t remember it at this moment. I’ll look.

    Found it —
    If you want icons to be displayed for any folders, just put inside the folder an image (jpg, gif or png) with same name of the folder.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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