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  • Thumbs directory is set at 777

    How do have your Options set?

    Gallery Dir: wp-gallery/
    Sidebar: right
    Number of thumbs: 15
    Number of cols thumbs: 3
    Number of cols dirs: 3
    Folder exclusions: cgi-bin,thumbs
    Dirsply: Random Image
    Max Height: 400
    Max Width: 400
    Thumb height: 100
    Thumb width: 100
    Use Cache: Yes
    Thumbnail folder: thumbs/

    For mine to work, I had to be more specific for the Gallery Dir. I have wp-content/albums/ because I have my galleries in a folder called albums. I just checked your site and see nothing except the Folder.

    WordPress is installed in the root html dir, so wp-gallery/ is direct for it.. I’ll try changing it up a bit.

    That’s because the system isn’t creating thumbnails so there’s nothing to disply. If I turn chache off it displaying links but no images.

    Ok.. created dir wp-content/gallery
    Moved the galleries there.
    Couldn’t get the Lazy Gallery Options to change the gallery directory to wp-content/gallery. Went and manually changed the entry in the MySQL database to the new directory.
    Now it doesn’t list any files in those directories through Options or through lazy-index

    It’s online in that config right now

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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