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  • This is a longish post, please bare with me. As the site stands it looks like this:

    http:/ – I;m only 130 posts short of being up to date January (woo hoo!).

    Now my review site is still buggered, so I thought while I get it sorted, why not keep the reviews on the blog meanwhile. I think it might work well enough anyway as a temp solution. Once I get some help on the loop thing, then perhaps it will work, I Can only hope.

    So, I’ve thought about what I want to do and I need guidance on how to go about it, order in which I should do it etc. – this shows one of the pages and idea of how the site looks is sort of what I’m trying to achieve. I don’t think it’s the design issue that’s the bugger, it’s the getting it to work bit.

    1) I want to add a second live search specifically for reviews – would this work? if so how?

    2) When a user clicks on the menu in the content area (not the header) they should be displayed with a result that displays Each post with an excerpt for that category up to 10 entries. So they click film, it displays the last ten entries for film with the excerpt and title. Pretty easy, but how to avoid it being a single post?

    3) in the archives section they should be divided into two “lists” on the left hand side blog entries, and on the right review entries – again how, and what do I need to do? create two containers within the archive template within the content area?

    4) how easy would it be to move the posts from site a to site b once I have site be complete? If I name the categories exactly the same will they simple fall into place, or will I have to do other jiggery pokery.

    That’s it (he says) for now I think. I can do most of the moving of the layout fine. I have reading>posts set to 1 – and of course WP decides everythign should display like that, including the archives, which is not how I want it particuarly.

    I’ve sort of got the day off tomorrow, so I can work on it. and would be grateful for advice.

    Thank you.

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