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    some times when i post something my layout gets messed up

    and when i delete the post the layout goes back to normal

    wtf is up with that ???

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  • You are using the wysiwyg (rich text) editor and you copy from Word or that RTE puts all kind of garbage into your posts…

    Are the posts where you’re having a problem including graphics or long links? Are these posts you make using some word processor like MS Word?

    noo i just put an image that’s all

    the image is 540 x 540 pixels

    Um….. yah….. and how big is the space where you’re putting that monster?

    lmao but i dont want to resize it 🙁

    ok i guess i willl

    Well, it all depends on how you want things, really. It’s YOUR site….

    Put it up as a thumbnail and link to the monster. That’s what the rest of us mostly do.

    hello…I have the same problem. I added two pictures and it made the sidebar go down….so I removed the pictures and the sidebar is not going back.

    Any idea on how to put the sidebar back?

    Also, when I add pictures in the future…how do you know how big/small to make it so that it does not mess up the sidebar again?

    website is
    it does not seem to matter what template I use…the sidebar skips down the the bottom of the page.

    is there like an autoresize feature lmao

    that would be really useful

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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