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    Hey there!

    After a few headaches, I have finally got the plugin to totally do what i want.
    There is one ugly thing, though, that make me fear I have failed. But let me explain:


    When I (re)load my page, everything sits nicely where it should. But when I click on one of the outlined arrows to see the next events, everything scambles up (depicted in the lower part of the image).

    I fear this has to do with a .php file inside “[…]wp_root/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/cache/twig/fe/5f”, which has a generated name?
    All changes that do not show up after flipping are ones that I made to the posterboard.twig file, which seems to be referenced in the aforementioned .php.
    So I deleted (with backup) the “[…]cache/twig/” folder and refreshed my page in hope that my modified posterboard.twig would generate an updated .php.
    But that does not work, unfortunately. Am I missing something? Do I need to go into the .php and make the same changes I did in the .twig there, too?

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  • Hi @morph3us,

    I don’t recognize the image — I assume you have a modified event details page?

    Unfortunately, due to javascript limitations, twig variables became depricated in 2014 and since then, documentation regarding twig variables has been removed by the old production team.

    Please see:

    Alternatively, you can customize the event details page using this method:

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    Thanks for the answer, I do however not understand how this information helps me…
    As I stated, yes, I heavily customized the posterboard.twig file.

    I dont need to get any twig variables. I have everything I need done, as you can see in the upper part of the image, however after clicking the arrows (which are the standard ones that come with the posterboard view, but i deleted the minicalendar in the middle and placed them differently), it gets scrambled up. What does this have to do with any twig variables?

    Hi @morph3us,

    Unfortunately, I do not have any information to help you with twig template files, or how to customize or edit them.

    Thread Starter morph3us


    The customization is done. Everything looks like I want it when I (re)load the page.
    It only gets ugly after trying to see the next three events. So the settings for the initial view are different ones than for subsequent pages (even if I go back to look at the first three events)…

    Thanks for trying to help, I will keep you posted if I find something useful…

    Thanks @morph3us, Let me know what you find out. Anything you find will help with anyone else with the similar issue.

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