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  • I used to have a blue banner and a sidebar, both are gone.
    Today I tried to change the chmod of wp-content to 0777
    I think I changed a small setting, but wouldn’t know where to look because the standard themes like classic and default no longer show pictures in the admin presentation.
    Does someone have any idea what I need to do to fix this?

    PS, I vaguely remember that this happened to me before but that I can no longer remember how I fixed it the last time.

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  • No, you definitely didn’t change the permission to 777, which is not needed, BTW. The normal setting for folders should be 755.

    You chmod them to something else, because those folders are “forbidden” – not accessible.

    How do I get my original default or classic back to normal?

    Well, how did you “try” to chmod your folders? Just reset them to the original permissions.
    Look at other folders that you didn’t touch – what is the proper permission on them and make the same on wp-content.

    The point is I tried to set the CMOD for the wp-content folder for user rwx.
    This is not the problem because I returned it to the previous setting.
    My problem is that that the theme is no longer good. I used to have a banner with Aljo-Log and a sidebar now both are gone. The sidebar in now at the bottom of the screen.
    In the presenation section while logged in the themes are no longer good because the pictures for kubrik default and classic are no longer displayed so somewhere data got damaged.
    I hope it is now clearer what my problem is.

    This is not the problem

    That’s your version of the reality.
    See this link:

    I cannot access this folder. Can I set the CHMOD of /wp-content/ to 0777 without becoming vulnerable for hackers?

    I get an HTTP-Error 403 with this Style.css link, didn’t you?




    Can I set the CHMOD of /wp-content/ to 0777 without becoming vulnerable for hackers?

    No, you cannot. Thats an inheritantly insecure setting.

    How do I fix my HTTP-error 403?

    I think the problem is a denial of access to the theme data while the UNIX permissions of the wp-content folder are set to RW for user and R for the other two.

    Can someone explain to me, how I get this fixed?

    Now I can no longer open WP at all anymore I get a HTTP-Error 403.
    How in the world am I going to fix this?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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