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    I’m trying to make my layout (wahow. org)compatible in I.E and Firefox but I’m having a couple of problems.

    The left sidebar is positioned correctly in Firefox but in I.E it is way off position.

    The main content area should be slightly wider to the right in Firefox, exactly like it appears in I.E.

    I’ve uploaded a part of my stylesheet at wahow .org/stylesheet.txt if it helps.

    Could anyone help?


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  • Ok, I’ve sorted the main content area problem but can’t fix the left sidebar positioning problem.

    I’d appreciate any help on this part.

    If it’s fine in Firefox, then use a conditional comment to fix the problem in IE, without affecting any other browser 🙂

    You could try working through some of the validation errors to see if solving them fixes the layout problem.

    Thanks doodlebee and onocrotalus.

    Doodlebee – get ready for a noob question, what’s a conditional comment? Could you provide me with an example. I guess it something do with “should the browser be I.E then use this css” but i’m not sure how i’d do this.

    onocrotalus – thanks, i was planning on checking for errors once i’d got the layout sorted but i’ll start going through them to see if it helps the layout problem.

    Thanks again.

    >>what’s a conditional comment?<<

    <A href=”>Exmplanation here – scroll down to the header “A technical discussion about CC’s” – just after all of the images.

    >>I guess it something do with “should the browser be I.E then use this css” <<

    That’s about right 🙂

    >>thanks, i was planning on checking for errors once i’d got the layout sorted <<

    If your layout is wonkied, the *first* thing you should do is validate. Validation is to be sure your markup is semantic and…well, valid. If it’s not, it throws IE in ot “quirks” mode – which means IE will “guess” what you want it to do, and adjust itself accordingly. If you fix the IE errors, and *then* validate, it’ll remove the page from “quirks” mose, and could throw you right back into “my sites screwed up!”

    Validate first. Then fix. Saves time and headaches 🙂

    Thanks Doodlebee, i’ve validated and fixed all errors (apart from one section which finds errors from a bookmark plugin but i’ve removed it for now) so my page now validates, yippee!

    It hasn’t fixed my layout problem so it’s time for a bit of reading, thanks for the link.

    Thanks for your help.

    This disturbs me:
    <div id="left" class="column">

    I can’t find any reference to .column in your css. Yet, IE believes the left sidebar should be inheriting left:150px; from somewhere, but I can’t see where (note the left sidebar is ‘pushed in’ exactly 150px).

    Sorry I can’t be of more help…

    I think it’s all sorted. It seems to work fine in I.E and Firefox anyway.

    Thanks Yosemite. My problem was that I was using an IsulongSEOPH theme which many were having a problem with because of the left sidebar positioning so I decided to change the css to be more like the Glish version of IsulongSEOPH which doesn’t have the problem. Whilst changing the css I hadn’t noticed that there was a seperate style that was also copied across for I.E. After altering that to 5px it seems as near as I can get it in both browsers. The new stylesheet also does not need .column so i’ve been trying to find instances of it to remove. Thanks for reminding me.

    >> Sorry I can’t be of more help…

    You have been, thanks very much.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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